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  1. D

    Jobs outlook for cities over 100k?

    So I'm a 3rd year male osteopathic medical student and was considering pursuing OB/GYN but was wondering what the job market is looking like for cities of more than 100k. I know that there will always be a demand for doctors but I'm wondering what the market will look like. Will there be jobs...
  2. Master Bone Wizard

    Endodontist job outlook. What to do after competing residency?

    I was talking to a Dentist I had shadowed a while back about specializing and was looking towards Endodontics (Assuming I keep my grades up XD ). My only concern is the Job outlook. It seems more and more General Dentists are performing Root canals. Is this something I should be worried about...
  3. K

    Consequences of Quitting Fellowship as 1st year Fellow

    I started a 2 year IM fellowship this past July and am having serious thoughts about quitting. After going through med school and a fairly rigorous IM residency, I don't think I am a quitter. But this program can not be described as anything other than malignant. I feel much less respected as a...
  4. E


  5. wengerout

    Does it still make sense to specialize?

    Hello all, I wanted to ask does it still make sense for new grads to specialize (Not including OMFS). I have a long road ahead in terms of getting through dental school. I originally planned to pursue Orthodontics(Or possibly Endodontics) after dental school. However, I am now reading negative...
  6. C

    Maine Pharmacy Schools and Job Outlook

    Hi everyone! I am currently living in central Maine and am applying to the University of New England and Husson for next Fall. My stats: PCAT--86, GPA --3.0 overall, 3.5 science. Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the Univ. of Maine. Given my competition (and reading entering student statistics...
  7. D

    Are most podiatry graduates finding jobs?

    only a 14% growth rate. I heard its because podiatrists only practice in groups and there are not that many podiatrists, so there is a lack of residency options
  8. L

    Should I switch from pre-pharmacy to pre-dental?

    So I've been hearing about all the horrid aspects of the oversaturated job market for pharmacists and the poor working conditions in retail and that getting a residency is nearly impossible. I go to a state school and just completed by freshman year. So far I've taken: Orgo I + lab Anatomy and...
  9. B

    dental hygienist and dental hygiene graduates

    Hello I just got accepted into a dental hygiene program. I'm 20. and im halfway done with my pre reqs for dental school. All i need is physics 1 and 2 and orgo 1 and 2 I plan on completing the hygiene program, and working part time. As soon as I begin working part time I'm going back to...
  10. S


    Quick Facts: Pharmacists 2014 Median Pay $120,950 per year $58.15 per hour Typical Entry-Level Education Doctoral or professional degree Work Experience in a Related Occupation None On-the-job Training None Number of Jobs, 2014 297,100 Job Outlook, 2014-24 3% (Slower than average) Employment...
  11. P

    Your criteria for ranking programs...any regrets?

    Hey everyone, recently started posting here. I'm an AMG heading into pathology (unless all this talk about the poor job market scares me into primary care) and was wondering how people who have gone through the match felt about their ranking of programs. I have applied to almost all programs in...
  12. F

    Should I make the switch? Pre-pharm ---> Pre-dent

    Hello everyone. I am new here and am looking for some advice. I am a junior in college and was planning on submitting pharmacy school applications next week, however, after reading many, many threads in the pre-pharm sections, I am feeling downright scared about the future of pharmacy. I have...