Dental Post-Bacc programs

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Jun 7, 2006
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Hello everyone,

What are the dental post-bacc programs available? I have done a search to see if I could find them on a previous thread, but no one has given a definitive list. Some have remarked that there are programs for minorities, but did not name them. I am an 'underrepresented minority', so I would like to see all dental post-bacc programs listed. I applied for this cycle, but I'm still waiting to hear back from several schools. I figure I should start getting together a back-up plan in case I have to reapply.

I know Creighton, Meharry, San Francisco have dental post-baccs...are there any others? Thanks.

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I know someone knows about these programs.
The deadline for Creighton has already passed - I'm not sure about the other programs. I suggest you use the search function and look for SMPs as well as post-bacc programs.

There is a forum here just for post-bacc programs but it's mostly related to the pre-med programs. Take a look in there too.
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Has anyone done one of these programs? Was it really worth it and beneficial?

I'm curious, because I've seen a couple programs and the tuition was upwards of $20-$30K for the year, which is basically the cost of a year of dental school. To pay that much and not be guaranteed a spot or receive any credit for the classes you take seems a bit much. You can take courses at a local university and do whatever else you need to do for well under that amount.
I am not sure if it is brand new or I skipped over it when I looked at their admissions website for the first time but Temple has a post-bacc program that is joint with the medical school. The interesting thing about this program is that if you live up their requirements you are guaranteed acceptance to the medical or dental school based on the exam that you take. I've never heard of another program guaranteeing acceptance to the dental school so this may be an amazing deal. The application date isn't until the end of the dental school interviewing season so there are a few months. But since it guarantees admission it may be extremely competitive. Not to mention you'll be competing with pre-meds.
Yeah, I read about it, but it's around $25K for non-PA residents. Is that even worth it? You could contact the school, ask them what you need to improve on and complete it for much less. It's great they guarantee addmission, but if you don't get a slot for whatever reason, it seems like a waste.
Meharry's post bacc is by invite only. In order to get invited, you have to apply to either med or dental school. They are ones at UConn, UCLA, Townson, Barry University, Tulane (one year masters), and even one at UMDNJ. If you're near a dental school, go talk to someone in admissions, they would know them all.
Baylor Dental School has a post-bac program. Good Luck!
I looked into Baylor when I was afraid I wasn't going to get into any schools and they only accept students from Texas.
UCSF and UOP have a join dental post-bac program.

UCLA post-bac program is free and you get to take some dental classes with first year dental students. USC and Loma Linda also have a post-bac program and their students are garanteed to get into dental school the next year. Loma linda has two separate programs: dental post- bac and the bio med program; both serve the same purpose.
Geez, the requirements for that Temple University program are so intensive, you may as well just reapply to the dental school itself.:rolleyes: