Aug 30, 2017
hello guys!
I need help choosing and I would appreciate it if you guys can help me out...
Ever since I was young I wanted to be a pharmacist .. Then when I was in high school I took a dental assisting course, it changed my life. All I wanted was to become a dentist. I graduated high school a year early just so I can start college and eventually become a dentist. I'm a smart person and I like studying and also being creative. For me I thought dental school was both science and creativity and that is why I choose it. I shadowed a lot and I just finished my bachelors degree in Biology. BUT ALL OF THE SUDDEN I started thinking about dental school again and realized that as I got older I think I don't want to do it. I started thinking that it was too expensive and the lifestyle that I will have to follow won't be how I want my life to be. I changed my major to architecture and I finished two semesters of it. I loved it because for I have always loved design and being creative and challenging. NOW I'm back to thinking about my old major. I have always wanted to be a doctor and sometimes I think I should leave architecture and at least do pharmacy school. PLEASE help me :( what should I do? I don't know anymore and I always feel like I will regret something in the future. ( I don't like medical school so this wouldn't be an option). THANK YOU


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Aug 3, 2017
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Not sure how anyone would like pharmacy. Follow your heart. Dentistry is a great career choice for women. You can work part time and raise a family if that is important to you. Dentistry gives you options. Not sure about pharmacy. I golf with an architect. He is always complaining that he doesn't make enough bank.
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