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  1. Alessandra20

    i’m scared for pharmacy school :’)

    Hello everyone! after years of anxiety on whether or not i’ll go to pharmacy school i can say now that my anxiety has shifted on whether or not i will survive so i could really use advice or just setting the record straight i start this coming fall’22 and i’m probably over thinking things but i...
  2. nccam098

    Pharmacy Interviews 2021

    Hi everyone, I applied for pharmacy school early decision and got interviewed by Roseman virtually, on November 9th and got invited to interview at Pacific U on December 10th on zoom, as well. Applied to WSU, but they're still reviewing my application because i'm missing one class, got a...
  3. L

    Prepharmacy PLEASE HELP!!

    Hello everyone, I'll just get right to the point, I'm applying for the next cycle for pharmacy school without the pcat since the schools I wanna apply to removed their pcat requirement for this cycle for whatever reason. My only dilemma that's been weighing heavy on my mind is well, I retook a...
  4. C

    If you are considering pharmacy

    1) learn about the job market and what your future salary will be (60k-80k in 5 years is my estimate) 2) assess your final debt to income ratio 3) don’t go to a school with under an 85% Naplex pass rate (Pharmacy School NAPLEX Pass Rates (2009-Present) - I’m not going to beat a...
  5. Alessandra20

    need some advice and closure please help :(

    hello, i’m currently a second year under grad student; about to be third year this fall 2020. I got myself in a pretty bad situation, i was taking a gen chem 1 class and gotten into a misunderstanding with my lab professor and i basically got a citation on my record for violating academic code...
  6. P

    AHHH Which School Should I choose!

    Helloooo, I will be graduating with my bachelors in May and I just finished my pharm school application process! All that's left to do is choose a school. I was admitted to OSU, Temple, U Mich, and Albany. I am still waiting to hear back from Rutgers. Honestly, I think it has come down to Ohio...
  7. N

    Jefferson College of Pharmacy: Did anyone apply?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone applied to Jefferson and got an interview? Also for current students, is it hard to maintain a 3.0 GPA?
  8. J

    University of Maryland eastern shore pharmacy school

    Taking the pcat in less than a month(send prayers) then plan on applying to some schools Maryland eastern shore is one of my top 5 just wanted to see if anyone had any insight or an opinion of it. Thanks!
  9. G

    Pharmacy school preparation

    I would appreciate some advice or guidance for my situation. I graduated with a bs in science chemistry premed with a cGPA of 3.23 in 2013. I have been out of school since then working lab jobs that I don’t really like. In college I did my undergrad research in an ochem lab and my favorite...
  10. alwaysstaypositive

    Reaching out for advice (work exp. and pre-pharm)

    Hello SDN community, I need some advice on my situation: I have been working at the same fast job for 3 years after my H.S. graduation and preparing to transition as a pharmacy technician I want to leave my job after I have completed my fall semester at a local C.C. to fulfill the...
  11. G

    Advice on my situation

    I graduated from college with a chemistry pre-med degree in 2013 my cGPA was a 3.23. I did a few years of research in an Ochem lab and my favorite classes were my pharmacology classes. After college I was unsure which path I wanted to take so I didn’t do anything. I ended up getting involved in...
  12. BlackStar90

    Charles R. Drew University Master of Science in Biomedical Science 2018 thread

    Hey everyone, I thought I would make this thread in case anyone had questions about this program. Cheers!
  13. L

    Pre-med or 0-6 pharm program?

    I got accepted to the Rutger 0-6 program which I will be paying in-state tuition for and will have a PharmD by the time I'm 24. It has a 91% job placement rate and $115k starting salary. Also don't have to take the PCAT and I have guaranteed admission to the pharm school (huge plus). However, I...
  14. Mister Significant


  15. P

    need help for the school decisions

    Hi folks, I have four pharmacy schools to decide and I would appreciate all your thoughts and inputs. MCPHS at Worcester, Northeastern U, Temple U and Jefferson. The location, cost and residency are what I considered, and I will have to take loan. Also, does anyone know how much of the...
  16. M

    ***Temple University School of Pharmacy(TUSP) Class of 2022 Acceptance Thread

    Hi Everyone! I noticed there isn't an acceptance thread for the class of 2022 on here. I know interviews are still going on and it's still early. I figured this would be a good way to meet some of my new classmates before we start school in August. Is anyone attending TUSP Fall 2018? Good...
  17. P

    Hello! Please help me I have a question for pharmacy-tech-study

    Hello! I'm pre-pharmacy student and also preparing pharm tech for experiences. I heard that site of pharmacy-tech-study is good to study so I am studying with that. If I memorize just Law, Math, Prescription, abbreviation, dosage forms of that site and also top 100 drugs, could I pass...
  18. H

    VCU School of Pharmacy class of 2022

    Hey everyone! I see that no one has started a new threat for VCU School of Pharmacy for the class of 2022. here we are with a new post. Has anyone already been interviewed yet? accepted? I just had my interview with VCU this Saturday. those you who had an interview with them have heard back...
  19. R

    Chances of getting into pharmacy school in California?

    Hi all! This is my first time posting on the forum. I have read many similar posts so it made me really nervous/curious about my own stats. I am currently applying to pharmacy schools, and I live in California so I really want to be accepted to schools here in California. However, I'm scared...
  20. H


    hello guys! I need help choosing and I would appreciate it if you guys can help me out... Ever since I was young I wanted to be a pharmacist .. Then when I was in high school I took a dental assisting course, it changed my life. All I wanted was to become a dentist. I graduated high school a...
  21. V

    Sending Transcript to PharmCAS

    I am currently enrolled in a summer 2017 course for my bach degree. I have already completed the programs pre-requisits. Do I have to wait for the end of this course in order to send PharmCAS my official transcript? I am applying for fall 2018 early admission and am enrolled for the 2017-2018...
  22. Y

    Chances of Getting In With NO experience or volunteer hours

    My stats are: B.S. in Biomedical Science 3.97 GPA (4.0 Science GPA) 99th Percentile PCAT preliminary composite score (took it yesterday) ZERO Volunteer hours/community service ZERO experience in a Pharmacy Never had a job Was in ONE club in college (racquetball) I understand my GPA and...
  23. P

    Apply to Pharm this cycle or next? Advice please

    Hello there, I am trying to figure out if I should apply to pharm schools this cycle or wait until 2018-2019 cycle. I took the PCAT and did well. I then decided to take the pre-req courses for pharm school and I have created a schedule in which I will begin this summer '17 with a full load of...
  24. V

    Undergraduate Courses

    I'm going to be a 4th year in undergrad college next year. I will be applying when pharmcas applications open this summer. I'm wondering if any pharmacy students have any suggestions on courses I should take to further prepare me for pharmD. curriculum. I'm currently signed up for immunology...
  25. P

    PharmD without a BS (having a low GPA BS)

    Hi all, I graduated UCLA with a 2.67 cGPA (all pharm pre-reqs complete) and I knew that I was not in a great position to apply to PharmD programs with such a low GPA. Since then I have taken the Pharm pre-requs at my local community college and finished off with a 4.0. I have been studying for...
  26. N

    Campbell University HPREP program

    Well I gotten accepted into Campbell University's Health Profession Readiness and Enrichment program (HPREP) for the summer. I was wondering if anyone else got accepted into the program this year or if anyone who was in the program in previous years can shed some light on the program.
  27. M

    Texas Southern University Pharmacy Interview

    Hi guys, I have an interview coming up at TSU.... I'm kind of panicking lol.. just wish to ask the pharmacy students at tsu and other schools what I should prepare for? Any hints, ideas, type of questions they ask or anything will be helpful please
  28. Seventy

    Pre-pharmacy gps

    Hello, I am currently a sphmoee enrolled in a community college and have a gpa of 3.5. I sadly just received my first C in a science class which is physics and I am really bummed about it. I feel like that really makes it more difficult for a pharmacy school to accept me. I have A's and B's in...
  29. F

    Pitt or Duquesne for pre-pharmacy?

    I am a senior in high school and I was accepted to both Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh's pre-pharmacy programs. My acceptance to the University of Pittsburgh pharmacy school is not conditional, and therefore I will have to compete for a spot in the pharmacy school (they...
  30. W

    Should I have a talk with my sr. technician about my short comings?

    Short a sweet, I hate my job. I hate crying before every shift and stressing out about my job a day or even DAYS before going in! I hate that I am annoying and ask too many questions. I hate the feeling of worrying that I might get fired for sucking so bad. I hate coming in every day and having...
  31. W

    I have been a pharamcy technician for Walgreens since August, and I haven't gotten ANY better since?

    I have been a pharmacy technician at Walgreens since August. I am a freshmen in college, pre pharmacy, and I am 18 years old. And I feel really discouraged about my future because of my job. I literally feel like I have not gotten any better in the last few MONTHS. I feel so horrible at my job...
  32. F

    Drake Pharmacy School Chances

  33. J

    Getting a recommendation letter for pharmacy

    Hello! The school that I am applying to requires two recommendation letters, one from a professor and one from a pharmacist. While I have already got one letter from one of my professors, I haven't found any pharmacist to write me one... The deadline is 12/1, and I'm kind of getting worried that...
  34. 8

    Pharmacy school location

    I'm currently in the process of applying to pharmacy schools. My state does have a highly ranked (top 10) pharmacy school (currently where I am for undergrad) so I could attend here to get in state tuition. However, I know I don't want to stay in this state after I graduate because it just isn't...
  35. A

    What topics should you know for pharmacy school interviews?

    Like current news stuff or anything important they may ask about even though it's not that current. For example, I'm sure SB 493 would be something they may ask about. How about biosimilars? I'm not very good at understanding stuff like Obama care or health care reform. This stuff was never my...
  36. I

    Decent GPA..but I have 2 F's on my transcript

    I am in the process of applying to pharmacy school now. My biggest concerns are the amount of W's I have on my transcript. I'm the first person in my family to go to college so I didn't have a lot of guidance from my family. Freshmen year I registered for classes that were under the same...
  37. youngsoo1269

    Getting into pharmacy School without a Bachelors Degree??

  38. amaranthyn

    PharmCAS Honors section

    For this section, the instructions say "Enter any special academic, service, or activity awards you have received in order of importance to you. List each honor or award only once. For instance, if you were on the “dean’s list” for more than one term, list that distinction only once. You may...
  39. T

    Question about pharmacy school and PCAT

    Hi, I'm going to be a sophomore in college and I'm a little stressed about what to do. I don't have a pharmacy advisor here to help me so I need some help. I want to apply for pharmacy school this year so that the fall of 2017 I will be going to pharmacy school. When do I start to study for the...
  40. G

    Not many extracurriculars

    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum and this is my first time saying anything on here. I want to apply to pharmacy school next year but I don't know if I'm too young. I'm 19 and going to be a rising sophomore but I have an overwhelming amount of pre reqs done and a great gpa (3.751). I'm planning on...