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    Associates at community college

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    Master's Degree vs Post-Bac

    hello, I applied to dental school and got denied for fall 2019. My major is in biology and I have a minor in chemistry- I graduate from my undergrad in May. My gpa is 3.23 and science gpa is 2.74. I decided to apply to Duquense University Post Bacc program and Iowa State University Master in...
  4. D

    I'm an average/below average pre dental student, what are my chances this cycle?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a junior biology major and in need of advice here. I hope to apply early in the 2019-2020 cycle; the second week of June to be exact. I'm worried that my application is weak, here are my stats: science GPA: 3.37 Overall GPA: 3.54 DAT score: Have not taken it yet, I...
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    Ranking for Match Advice

    Hi everyone! I am participating in this year's dental match for pediatric dentistry, and rank submissions are due in a few days. I am having a bit of an issue deciding between which program I should rank 1 vs 2 on my list. Some background info: Program A is extremely competitive, but I have...
  6. Ms.2:30

    Negotiating Scholarships?

    Dental school tuition is steep. I heard from somewhere that we can try to "negotiate" scholarships into our financial aid package. I was wondering if that's a good idea and how people can go about doing that without being "rude"? For an example, I would love to go to your school and it's my...
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    Hey Guys... I need some honest opinion here. I am going to apply in the next cycle in June 2019. I have a Canadian transfer (2 years) of 2.6 GPA 58 credits) and I am in a Washington University for 3 years (with 3.97 GPA with 89 credits). (I'm a WA resident) The average two GPA: 3.5 +/- a little...
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    Chance for current cycle?

    Hi all! Very curious, I'm applying to about 15-18 schools, I currently have a 3.5 GPA, 3.4 sGPA, and amazing extracurriculars, letters and personal statement. I just recently took my DAT and did not score as well as I anticipated PAT:18 QR:17 Reading:18 Bio:18 Chem:16 Orgo:18 TS: 17 AA:17 I plan...
  11. A

    Chances of getting an interview?

    Hey everyone! I’m new sdn and I wanted to use my first post to gather some opinions. A little about me— I am a veteran of the United States Air Force and current student-athlete. While in the military, I served as a dental assistant and was awarded the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service...
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    UNDERGRAD: science gpa: 2.58 overall: 2.98 DAT: 19 AA (retaking in sept) MS (bio) overall: 3.74 EC: 100+ shadowing, research, leadership all good What are my chances and where should I apply
  13. D

    Finished with first semester of dental school. Near a psychological breakdown. Need Help :(

    Hey everyone! I'm an international dental student in a direct entry program (Im currently 19). I just finished with my first semester of dental school and unfortunately its been a real beatdown on me. I feel like since my mid-sem ive started losing sight of the big picture and why I decided to...
  14. R

    Dental Application questions

    I was going through my application and saw this question on some of the schools. "Is there anything else you want (dental school) to know that is not included in this application? " Does anyone know how to answer this question. I don't know what to write that I haven't already said in my...

    Chances of Getting in - apply to more schools?

    I would like to know my chances of getting accepted, and if I should apply to more schools this cycle. I applied to 11 schools, but I've been told that because of my stats, I should apply to more schools to increase my chances of getting in. My Stats: Gen. GPA: 3.3 Sci GPA: 3.0 DAT AA: 22 DAT...
  16. S

    NC dental hygiene jurisprudence test

    I have tried to take the NC Jurisprudence Test twice now and I’ve failed it both times with a score of 19, and I need 20 to pass. I only have 1 attempt at the test left. I’ve read the laws and info they sent me to study but answers to certain questions are no where to be found on any website...
  17. D

    Am I applying to enough schools?

    My stats: gpa 3.4 sgpa 3.3 DAT 23 I am super involved and have 4 board positions in clubs and have a job on campus I want to apply to UConn, BU, Tufts, Touro, UNE, and UPENN should i apply to more, options like Case western???
  18. batRDH

    Delete post

    Hey guys! So I have a undergrad GPA from a foreign institution which is about 3.17 after conversation to American scale. I also got my associates in dental hygiene with a 3.12 cumulative GPA. I want to know how my gpa is calculated by AADSAS because my dental hygiene gpa was calculated on a much...
  19. N

    Concern about courseload

    I didn’t get into a class in one of my semesters and ended up with fewer graded units (~ 8 science) + 7 PNP (4 teaching) = total 15. I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to take easy courseloads to increase my gpa. Is this something to worry about? Please let me know your thoughts.
  20. P

    Dental Hygiene OR Nursing then apply to Dental School?

    I just graduated from undergrad with a bachelors of science in public health... Heres my background: After working as a dental assistant since my junior year in high school, I planned to take the classes needed to get into dental school. Freshman year- ----Fall Semester- Gen Bio I with Lab...
  21. H

    Chance of acceptance (specifically for UNLV) & should I retake DAT?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can give any advise on if I should retake my DAT or just apply with current scores? How likely would I be accepted if I apply this upcoming cycle in June 2018? My DAT scores are PAT-19 QR-18 RC-17 Biol-27 GC-21 OC-23 TS-24 AA-21. I know my science scores are really...
  22. C

    Should I wait to take the DAT?

    I've been out of school for 2 or so years due to family problems and I was going to apply this application cycle, but I feel I am unprepared for my DAT. Currently I'm going to take the DAT June 8th(which means my committee letters will be sent around june 15th). Should I spend 10 hours a day...
  23. FutureDentist97

    Dental School chances? 3.95 GPA, 20AA, 21TS, 18PAT

    Dental school chances with my stats? Thank you in advance! :)
  24. R

    Chances at dentistry in the USA/Australia - Canadian student

    I'm a bachelor of science student in my third year of my degree in Alberta, Canada majoring in biology. These are my stats: GPA: 3.704 CDAT: 19 AA 19 BIO 19 CHEM 19 TS 20 RC 16 PAT I've got more than 100 hours of shadowing. I've done a lot of volunteering and for long periods of time, I've...
  25. R

    Wrote the DAT in February

    I recently took the Canadian DAT in February and got these scores. Reading comp: 20 BIOL: 19 Chem: 19 Sci Total: 19 Academic Average:19 PAT: 16 MDT: 6 This was my second time taking the DAT, based off these scores alone do you think there is any chance I could make it into a Canadian Dental...
  26. H

    DAT Study buddy in Houston, TX

    Hello, If anyone is interested in studying for the DAT together, I have most of the popular DAT study tools & Subscriptions and don't mind sharing. Direct Message me :) Let's conquer this test together!
  27. L

    BS in Dental Hygiene or Dental School?

    Hi. I'm a 23 yo recent graduate with a BS in Biology. Initially, I was thinking to apply to dental school right away after graduation but due to personal reasons I haven't been able to. I have fulfilled all my prereqs for dental school and have an overall gpa of 3.63. Lately, I realized I want...
  28. Dentalman1234

    Dental School chances?

    Hey guys, I'm a Junior in college doing a Human Biology major and was wondering what my realistic chances are of getting in to dental school. I have yet to take the DAT which I'm doing after I take organic chem 2 in the summer. Also I have a stuttering problem which I filed as a disability at my...
  29. A

    Honest Evaluation of My Chances of Getting into Dental School...I implore you.

    I have wanted to become a dentist since I could remember how to think. I am, a female, 21, a junior in a good private college. Both of my parents are dentists in PA, pediatric and general. I have had my dental radiology health and safety certification since I was 17 and have worked at their...
  30. P

    post bac/masters program that guarantee an interview to dental school

    I know LECOM has a post bac/masters program that guarantees an interview to their dental school.Which other schools do this too?
  31. M

    Need Some Input/Advice much Appreciated!

    Hi guys, I'm trying to get some input on a school decision I need to make soon. Any input from students at the school/graduates will be much appreciated. I'm OOS so it's expensive for me either way. I don't think I will specialize at the moment unless something really strikes my fancy. My vision...
  32. P

    applied this past cycle, but didn't take DAT. Incomplete applicant or reapplicant for next cycle?

    I applied at the end of October 2017. I know it was pretty late but I decided to just go ahead.. so stupid. I thought I could cram and take DAT in december however I was not prepared. So my app was incomplete. I applied to 6 schools that I didnt really care about so in the high chance I would...
  33. M

    Tired of wasting time.. what would you do? Help please**

    Hey everyone, I need some legit reality check/advice from you guys. I am currently a post-grad who graduated last year from college and has been working full time at a non-dental related job to save up some money. After realizing that I truly want to pursue a career in dentistry, I am going to...
  34. D

    Should I Retake the DAT?

    Currently in pre-dental , I recently wrote the Canadian DAT and scored as follows : RC:21 Bio:20 Chem:22 PAT:19 AA:21 oGPA 3.93 sGPA 3.87 I am fairly confident I could do better on my PAT as I was rushed because I spent too much time on the keyholes (due to the fact there was no visible...
  35. T

    Considering dental school..

    Hi, I am a junior in college, up until this semester, I was pre med. I am considering switching to pre dental because of a life experience. In 2016 I was diagnosed with a tumor in my mandible and in the summer of 2017 I went through the process of getting my tumor removed and I am currently...
  36. P

    VCU, University of Illinois @ Chicago, or Temple Dental???

    I feel very fortunate to have been accepted to all these schools, but now comes the decision time! I am a resident of Virginia and have gone to undergrad at Richmond and so I would see the same city for the next 4 years if I attended VCU. Buuut, I was offered a 60Kscholarship ($15K per year) to...
  37. S

    Pre dental student and gpa concern !

    Hi everyone, I'm a pre-dental student in NC. I have a few concerns and questions about a few things. To start off I'm a freshman in college but I came in with my associates of science degree currently at (57 credits, after this semester I'll be 72 credits with 67 credits remaining), I have had...
  38. oceanicvibe

    Does it matter where you complete Post-Bacc classes for Pre-Dental?

    Hello everyone, Does it really matter where you complete your dental pre-reqs for dental school so long as they are completed at a 4-year institution? For example: If I'm interested in attending Tufts School of Dental Medicine, would I be a more enticing applicant if I completed their...
  39. D

    Do I have a chance at a dental Residency? Pls help

    Hey Everyone I graduated from dental school in 2015. Dental School GPA - 3.4 Class Rank- Ranked in the last 30% of the class Undergrad GPA- 3.78 Barely any leadership or research awards. Passed all the NBDE and NERB examinations. In the two years I have been working, I haven't enjoyed much...