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  1. C

    WAMC dental

    Date of submission: June 5th, 2023 Overall GPA: 3.39 Science GPA: 3.19 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.08 DAT score (include AA and all sections): FIRST ATTEMPT: AA 16 PAT 18 QR 14 RC 19 BIO 17 GC 15 OC 14 TS 15 SECOND ATTEMPT: AA 18 PAT 18...
  2. T

    Dental Admissions Advice

    Hey, I am getting ready to apply to dental schools and came in a sticky spot. I just recently took the DAT and didn't do well (16AA), I was seeing if whether I should apply anyway and let them know I will be retaking the DAT in advance or If I should submit everything when I retake the DAT...
  3. A

    School List Help!!

    Date of submission: Hoping for Mid-June Undergrad CGPA: 3.07 Undergrad Science GPA: 2.7 Master's GPA: 3.429 (Biomedical Sciences with thesis) DAT score (including AA and all sections): 1st attempt: PAT: 19, QR: 20, RC: 24, Bio:19, GC: 20, Orgo: 16, TS: 18, AA: 20 2nd attempt: PAT: 18, QR: 30...
  4. Z

    Dental Post-Bacc

    Hello! I've applied for the 2023 dental school cycle and got waitlisted. I'm trying to figure out what I should do if I don't make it in, and what I heard is that some reapply after doing post-bacc. I wanted to ask what should reapplicants do to prepare for the next cycle? Would the best option...
  5. predental.Em


    Date of submission: Have not submitted, planning on submitting June 1, 2023 Overall GPA: 3.3 Science GPA: 3.4 Deleted. — School list: **** NEED SUGGESTIONS! UF NOVA Lecom midwestern az NYU
  6. P

    BU or Tufts

    Tuition is same I know dental school is hard but looking for a school that supports you if you are struggling and won’t just fail you Looking into a less hand skilled focused speciality bc of age so dental anesthesiology, dental radiology, dental public health, dental pathology
  7. L

    What are Associates looking for in a position? Where can I find the best candidates?

    I am a general dentist who has been practicing for almost 30 years. I own 3 practices, and I'm looking for a new associate for the busiest, and most lucrative one. I have two associates currently, who are older like myself and work limited schedules, so I am looking for an associate to work a...
  8. M

    I need advice please help

    hi everyone, I really need advice on my dental school journey so please advise. for some background: - I graduated in 2021 with a degree in Biology (3.4 GPA/3.0 sGPA) but my junior and senior year were prime pandemic years so I kind of lost interest in what I was doing and just graduated to...
  9. T

    Marquette (OOS) VS UConn dental

    Hello all, I have been fortunate enough to get accepted to multiple schools. A little background about me: I am from the east coast and leaning towards general dentistry/public health dentistry. I am considering applying for the NHSC scholarship. Marquette Pros: Urban location in Milwaukee...
  10. L

    WAMC for 2023-2024 Cycle? High GPA, Mediocre DAT

  11. M

    Lab Class II prep Question?

    Does a class II prep for composite need complete clearance from the adjacent tooth? This was for class II MO on tooth #14. On CDCA does a contact point btw axial wall and gingival floor result in 0 if not 90 degrees and a bit rounded?
  12. M

    Application advice: Should I apply and or retake DAT?

    Hello, I recently retook my DAT and did terribly, but I really want to apply this cycle. I’m not quite sure what to do- whether I have a chance at applying (or wait until next cycle), and if I should retake the DAT in late August and send a letter to the schools that I will be applying. I have...
  13. K

    Do I stand a chance with my application?

    Date of submission: 6/1/2022 Overall GPA: 3.71 Science GPA: 3.63 DAT score (include AA and all sections): AA/23 TS/21 PAT/ 21 OC/21 BIO/20 GC/22 RC/30 QR/21 State of Residence: NY Undergrad Attended: SUNY School Major: Biology Minor: Psychology + Pre-Health Minority? No Reapplicant? No...
  14. P

    Can I get into at least 1? (Low GPA, Average DAT)

    Date of submission: 6/1 Overall GPA: 3.29 Science GPA: 3.0 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.0 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 20 AA/21 TS/17 PAT - 22 OC/21 BIO/20 GC/21 RQ/17 PAT/16 QR State of Residence: PA Undergrad Attended: small, rigorous liberal arts school Major: Neuroscience Minor...
  15. F

    Score Breakdown of my DAT (May 2022, 23AA)

    Hi guys!! I just finished my junior year of undergrad. I took my DAT in May of 2022 after about 8 months of really discontinuous studying. I used multiple resources, but only parts of each so don’t feel like you need to purchase everything you see below. Because I took it immediately after the...
  16. M

    Is there hope?

    Date of submission: 4/12/22 Overall GPA: 3.61 Science GPA: 3.64 DAT score: PAT: 19 QR: 18 RC: 21 Bio: 17 GC: 19 OC: 19 TS: 18 AA: 19 State of Residence: Texas Major: Biology Minority? Female, Arab Reapplicant? No Nontrad? No Shadowing Experience: 60 + hrs (*note: this will be higher...
  17. E


    Date of submission: next cycle Overall GPA: 3.5 Science GPA: 3.4 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.3 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 20AA State of Residence: North Dakota Undergrad Attended: University of North Dakota Major: Medical Lab Science Minor: Biology Minority NO, but Asian Reapplicant...
  18. D

    ADEX help

  19. J

    WAMC: Do I have a shot at dental school?

    Real talk: I graduated with bachelors in music for undergrad at a private 4-year university with overall 2.65 GPA. Yes, you read that correctly. After my bachelors, I took some pre-requisite science courses at 4-year public university like Gen Bio and Chemistry and still did horrible - ended up...
  20. L

    TMDSAS notification

    Does anyone know where TMDSAS will notify us if we are accepted/denied?
  21. Het.mehta

    Can I get into a good dental school or even a dental school?

    3.58 cuml. GPA, 3.37 sGPA. I have 4 publications as a first/second author, but also did get a C/ in Org Chem1/2. I have good shadowing hours and letters of rec, and volunteering.
  22. M


    Hey everyone, I have yet to receive a single interview from any of the dental schools I have applied to. I just want to get someone else’s opinion on my chances since I’m in panic mode. School List: Harvard submitted June 26 UCLA submitted June 26 UCSF - rejected sept 1 WesternU- submitted...
  23. thisis123

    Should I retake the DAT?

    This is my second time applying to dental school and I am not sure whether I should retake the DAT or not in order to improve my application. My first time taking the DAT last year I got a score of: Bio - 20 Gen Chem - 20 Orgo - 20 PAT - 22 RC - 21 QR - 18 In the previous cycle, I received a...
  24. S

    DAT breakdown

    I took the DAT last week and I’m not super happy with my score in QR. ive heard that some universities can look past a low QR score if the rest of the scores are adequate, and I think I fall in that category. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have time to improve enough on QR to retake before...
  25. A

    Help! Any success stories from students who got into dental acceptance after attending Midwestern (AZ) University's 2-year MBS program?

    Hi everyone! So I am a pre-dental student, and my stats are ~2.89 GPA (surprisingly higher sGPAbut not any better) and an 18AA and 17TS DAT. I recently applied to several masters programs considering my stats are not competitive enough for dental school and managed to get into Midwestern's...
  26. M

    Help with where to apply

    Hello, I am having a difficult time trying to figure out which schools to apply to. I am a California resident. Which schools would you remove from the list and why? My stats are: 4.0 GPA / 24AA / 300 shadowing hours / 150 volunteering
  27. N

    Low GPA Dental Schools

    Has anyone applied to dental schools with a GPA slightly below 3.0? If so, is there a list of dental schools that look at applications holistically, and accept low GPAs but high DAT scores?
  28. N

    Please help..Low uGPA and SMP GPA

    I posted a former discussion about my issue with raising my graduate GPA a while back, but now that I have completed the program, I would like to ask for anyone’s honest opinion/help about my current situation. To get straight to the point, I have an undergraduate GPA of 2.7 and finished an SMP...
  29. I

    dat submission

    hi guys, so i am planning to take my dat july 7th or 8th but i am going to have the other aspects of my aadsas completed. Should I just submit and add my dat on later or wait for my dat before submitting it?
  30. Beezyteeth

    Got acceptance for California Northstate University...should I?

    First time posting, so sorry if I'm doing this wrong. But I got an acceptance into CNU College of Dental Medicine for their first class ever later on this year. It is a brand new school. Just simply asking for any general advise if it's a good idea to accept? Is there anything I should...
  31. A

    Boston OHS vs Barry MBS

    got into both programs, thoughts on which is better? Boston Oral Health Sciences Masters - 12 months, ~57k and 32 credits Barry University Masters in Biomedical sciences - 18 month track (could potentially finish by summer 2022), ~34k and 34 credits
  32. J

    Dental COVID Complications

    Hey guys, first time poster here. I’m currently a pre-dental sophomore at a private college, and I’m finding it really hard to find dental opportunities. I switched last April to pre-dental from premed and kinda feel left behind. I currently have 40 hours of dental shadowing and 10~ hours of...
  33. jjsmiles

    Touro vs. Temple (OOS)

    I was fortunate to have been accepted into Touro and Temple Dental School. I have been waitlisted at Buffalo and UNE. Still waiting on responses from 4 more schools. If any Touro or Temple students could chime in on their experience at school it would be much appreciated. TOURO Pros: -...
  34. J

    I have a master's in psychology, can I take prereq's at CC for Dental school

    I have a Master's degree in psychology, but am interested in a career change. I have a few biology courses from my undergrad but still need to take chem, ochem and other higher level science classes. I am looking into a CC to save money instead of taking these classes at a 4yr university. Will...
  35. L

    Should clinical experience be the deciding factor in choosing a school? (Cost not a huge concern)

    I’ve had interviews at Univ of Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, Dental College of Georgia, & Roseman. Although no acceptances have been announced yet; I like to plan ahead. I’m from Georgia and will end up practicing I’m Georgia once I graduate. To pay for dental school, I will be using my GI bill...
  36. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

    Are my stats good enough?

    Hello everyone, State of residency: CA GPA: 3.70 sGPA: 3.71 Volunteer hr: 400 Shadowing hr: 67 (currently working at a dental office to get more experience) DAT scores: AA: 20 other factors: Mentored and tutored first-generation & underserved students at my university for...
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    Associates at community college

  39. D

    Master's Degree vs Post-Bac

    hello, I applied to dental school and got denied for fall 2019. My major is in biology and I have a minor in chemistry- I graduate from my undergrad in May. My gpa is 3.23 and science gpa is 2.74. I decided to apply to Duquense University Post Bacc program and Iowa State University Master in...