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May 29, 2000
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I have finalized my apartment decisions.
TO eitheir
Nottingham Square (Urbandale),
Winwood (Johnston),
Country Village in West Des Moines
or Old English in WDM.

I would love feedback about any of these complexes, since I won't get a chance to see them, because I will not be able to take a trip to Des Moines.

I was also wondering if any of you know if Johnston and Urbandale are really far from the school.

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freddy - think about Somerset!!! I already wrote a response in "housing in des moines" Let me know what you decide!!

I looked at Nottingham and Winwood and I think they are both nice. I wnet with Olde English Village because of price and location. It is exactly 3-1/2 miles from school. Away, but yet near. I have heard Somerset was nice, but did not look at it since they do not accept pets. Good luck!
Freddy, out of the ones you are considering I only looked at Notingham. It is nice and has quite a few amenties. Although I do not know how much use you could get out of them. Basically you pay for the location when you live in that area. I do not need a tanning bed in my package and I am not afraid or too good to live on the "East Side" so I picked Somerset. It is basically Nottingham without the so called "must location". East Side vs. West Side! I was told by citizens that Winwood was probably one of the best in town, but a little expensive for me.