Des Moines University Podiatry Interview

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Jan 11, 2015
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Im not an active member and probably should be more involved with the SDN community.

However, I got an interview at DMU on December 7th and wanted to find out if anyone else is planning to attend? Id love to meet before hand and get a coffee. I think its more fun and less stressful going with fellow students.

Im really excited and looking forward to visiting DMU.

I haven't booked a hotel yet but would be happy to coordinate a location.


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Hi Stephen,

Pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for the useful advise and positivity.

I’m super excited and a little scared. Hopefully we can be future class mates. :)

Congratulations on your DMU acceptance, that is amazing.
You're going to do great! This sounds silly but review your application a few times and think about WHY you chose podiatry. When you get that nervous you blank. Or at least I do. I wrote down everything on a few pieces of paper and reviewed that before they called me back. It helped me stay calm. I also researched all the professors ahead of time, so when I saw who I had on interview day, I could ask them specific questions about thier work/research.


That is far from silly. I appreciate your advice so much and in my opinion writing down key ideas is super helpful.

I didn’t even think about researching each DMU professor and coming up with direct questions. Thank you :)

I’m excite to hear from you and “meeting” friendly DMU students.

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Current DMU student here. Congratulations on your interview and good luck! If I have some free time that day, I’ll be stopping by and saying what’s up (we have an anatomy exam that morning through noon). I usually try to if I’m not a student ambassador for that day. I hope you enjoy it. I’d like to think that we’re a friendly bunch haha.

Hi outofstep,

Good to hear from you and I know you will do awesome on your exam. Thank you for stopping by and posting.

Hopefully we get to meet you on interview day. Feel free to say hello, I’m assuming I’ll probability be wearing a name tag labeled “Sunny”.

I’m super stoked :)

Best regards,