1. N

    Chances at podiatry school??

    Hi! I need desperate advice… please no judgement just advice! I have a 3.1 undergrad gpa, 3.7 masters gpa in biomedical science and a 482 MCAT… what are my chances at getting into a podiatry school ?? Any advice will help! I’m avoiding retaking the mcat. if there’s a shot I’ll take it. Thanks !
  2. R


    so ever since I started working in the ICU/CCU of the hospital that I work for as a registered dietitian, I realized that I wanted to explore more/do more in the world of medicine. After doing a lot of research podiatry has peeked my interest! I’m wanting to know what my chances are if I was to...
  3. C

    Podiatry school

    Anyone have any advice for applying for podiatry school? Can anyone provide their stats as well? Any good scholarship?
  4. greco13

    In-House EMG / NCS Testing

    I'm a physical therapist board certified in clinical electrophysiology (more @ the bottom to answer FAQs). I do EMG/NCS full-time and I have provided over 4,000 studies to MDs/DOs at their practice locations. This has been a mix of “incident to” billing and being directly credentialed with...
  5. B


  6. J

    Can I still apply to podiatry

    Hi everyone, I've applied to DO schools and still haven't gotten an acceptance yet but completed several interviews recently. Can I apply to podiatry schools without med schools knowing I applied to podiatry programs? Not trying to jeopardize my chances of possibly starting med school Thanks in...
  7. D

    Free board prep for someone in need

    I have two first aid books with cases and pharm flash cards. I’m happy to mail them out for free to a 2nd year in need of the resources. Send me a DM.
  8. D

    Board Prep Material for student in need.

    I have two first aid books with cases and pharm flash cards. I’m happy to mail them out for free to a 2nd year in need of the resources. Send me a DM.
  9. B

    Subject based (Midwestern) vs systems based teaching (Western) approach

    I'm currently trying to decide between Midwestern and Western. I loved my interview with Midwestern and was impressed by their high board pass rates. However, I like the curriculum Western teaches. They do blocks and a 2 pass system with the 1st-year focus: Normal functions of the body, health...
  10. A

    Chances at any pod?

    Hi everyone! Curious to know potential chances for pod school I'm a non-trad student Veteran with ~6000 hrs clinical work in the dental field 100+ volunteer hours, some clinical and some not VP of my school's student veteran organization cGPA and sGPA is 3.8 MCAT 493, contemplating on retake...
  11. J

    Applying before MCAT score arrives

    Is it possible to apply prior to receiving my MCAT score? I bumped my test date to Sept. 3rd and will receive my scores (hopefully) late September, early October. Is it possible to apply with the rest of my application in August when the cycle opens?
  12. J

    Cannot secure science faculty letters

    I have been having extreme difficulty in securing science professor recommendation letters. This past semester I did wonderful and had an A in microbio. I got to know the professor through zoom, email conversations, etc…When I asked for a letter she stated since we never met in person, she...
  13. S

    Barry Podiatry VS. NYCPM (Opinions from current students?)

    Hi! I applied to both Barry and NYCPM and was hoping to get opinions on where I should go? I know that NYCPM has better board scores but what draws me to Barry is living in FL, the beautiful campus, and being in a less densely podiatrist-populated area (In NY, there are about 30 podiatry...
  14. P

    Input on the following NE programs - confused on ranking

    Hi! I tried to find threads to see if this question was posed already but was unable to find! I am currently trying to figure out my rank list but truly confused on what to do. I’m currently confused between the following programs so any input would be great!!: - New York Presbyterian Queens -...
  15. G

    VA jobs - insiders only?

    Is a VA something you have to do residency at/have connections at in order to get a job? Thinking about the upcoming job search and a position at one really feels like something I would enjoy.
  16. AR1109

    Boyfriend in first year of podiatry med school

    Hi all! I’m new here. I wanted to hop on this forum for support in being a “medwife.” I seem to be struggling in our relationship with my SO being so busy all the time. So I get it and I let him study and do his thing but the smallest things will get me upset. For example, weekends are his true...
  17. A

    Questions about Podiatry Profession, 2020-2021 application, and what are my chances?

    Hello all, I am currently planning on applying to podiatry school for the 2020-2021 and had a few questions that hopefully some of you could help clear up. I have been researching podiatry for sometime and did not have the opportunity to shadow one until very recently due to Covid. I am...
  18. MedKid8399

    Torn in My Decision: NYCPM (Podiatry) versus TouroCOM master's linkage program versus Stonybrook MBS

    Just accepted to TOUROCOM linkage program which links to its Osteopath school, as well as Stonybrook Masters of biomedical sciences, and NYCPM. I have several years of research experiences at NYU Winthrop, 3 publications, many hours shadowing doctors, volunteer experiences, and a year scribing...
  19. P

    Advice for personal statement for podiatry school

    Hi everyone. I am planning on applying to podiatry school the coming cycle and am struggling to write a personal statement. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to include or if anyone was willing to let me read theirs to get an idea I'd really appreciate it:). Currently I have a...
  20. Jwolfe5

    PA vs DO vs DPM

    Hello and welcome to my quarter life crisis. I have always thought I wanted to be a MD in the ED. After some scribing, I’ve noticed that they do less procedures than I originally thought. I like the hands on stuff. Now I dont know what I want and its stressing me out. I could try for DO, but the...
  21. F

    Carribean MD or podiatry? What are my chances?

    Hello. I am a premed student. Overall GPA of 3.4 and science of about 2.6. Not yet taken MCAT. I do have lots of patient hours, shadowing, community service, and research. Will be applying to MD schools in the Caribbean (from the big 4) and possibly podiatry schools in the US. Does it seem like...
  22. D

    Podiatrist Day to Day Life and Pay

    Hey guys so I have been following this forum for quite some time now and wanted to get some input from those in the field. I did use the search button and the data is either relatively older, or the conversation begins to go sideways and does not have the answers that I and many other pre pod...
  23. P

    Do I have a chance with Podiatry?

    I am currently in the beginning of undergrad for my bachelor's in University studies. I have previously taken a Mortuary Science one year fast track program that was only nationally accredited (but accredited by the ABFSE so it counted) and I graduated and am licensed as a Funeral...
  24. P

    MCAT for Podiatry School

    I just started studying for the mcat a few days ago, and I'm looking to apply this cycle. My goal is to take it July 10, and hopefully get 500 or above. However, I am willing to push it back to august/september or even take it july and then again in september. Do any pod students have mcat...
  25. 5

    Scholl vs NYCPM

    I recently got accepted to both Scholl and NYCPM. I’m posting to this forum because I know that most of you are residents and physicians, and know more about the real world than we students do. I was wondering, even though both schools pretty much have the same education and curriculum...
  26. DerArzt321

    WAMC D.O. 3.34cGPA 3.09sGAP 503 MCAT

    WAMC? D.O. underdawg / considering podiatry. 3.34 cGPA (3.6 from degree-granting institutions) 3.09 sGPA (3.45 from degree-granting institutions) 503 MCAT (127/125/124 (CARS)/127); retaking for a shot at 510+ in June; confident I can get at least a 505. Story: Long-time lurker on SDN. MI...
  27. K

    Rejection thread, stats?

    Worried about applying this late into the cycle, anyone been rejected from multiple schools?
  28. C

    International Pod students- prereqs and funding questions

    Hi everyone. I am currently a final year student doing my undergrad degree in podiatry. Unlike the US, my degree is a three year course. I've recently explored my options on going to podiatry school & med school. Just out of curiosity, how did you guys complete your prerequisites? In your...
  29. 3

    Updated Rankings of Podiatry Schools

    1. Midwestern Arizona 2. Des Moines 3. California 4. Temple 5. Dr. William Scholl 6. Kent State 7. Barry 8. New York 9. Western I used 4 year graduation rates, pass rates on part I, part II, and part II cspe, and match rates to calculate this list. I put the most weight into 4 year graduation...
  30. J

    Scholl 3rd/4th year rotations

    Can any current Scholl students talk about their personal experiences with clinicals during their 3rd/4th year. What are the 3rd year rotations like? Do you feel that you're getting good patient exposure? Are you seeing enough patients to help you prepare for residency? Are you being exposed to...
  31. I

    Temple Hotel Accomodation

    Hello! Quick question for those who have interviewed at Temple, did you guys take advantage of the hotel accommodations they provide? Because I am trying to book a hotel for a night through the link that was sent to me (by admissions I believe...) however when I get to the...
  32. DVMDS

    Kaiser SF Bay Area Foot & Ankle Externship Question

    My husband will be rotating at Kaiser SF for one of his externships/clerkships in April. For anyone that has rotated here, did you end early from the rotation or was it by the books with the start and end date as stated online? I know Swedish (Seattle) last year finished on a Tuesday even though...
  33. aintordinarylife

    #DiscoverPodiatricMedicine on Instagram!

    Thought I would share a list of some good Instagram accounts from pod-med influencers, official organizations, etc. to follow. Social media is an awesome way to connect with fellow students and doctors in the field, and also learn more about podiatric medicine & surgery in general (especially...
  34. WhiteBoard1111

    Des Moines University Podiatry Interview

    HI, Im not an active member and probably should be more involved with the SDN community. However, I got an interview at DMU on December 7th and wanted to find out if anyone else is planning to attend? Id love to meet before hand and get a coffee. I think its more fun and less stressful going...
  35. HappyPomme

    Need a car for school?

    For current pod students, especially Temple and Western ones, is a car necessary for everyday types of things (i.e. getting to school, running errands, etc.), or even during the clinical years? I know carpooling is an option, but Im trying to find the most "commuter-friendly" school among all...
  36. aintordinarylife

    TUSPM - Temple - Class of 2023

    This may be s u p e r early, but just committed to Temple for Fall 2019, and wanted to get the thread going! If you're also joining Class of 2023 - give a shout! (Or if you are considering TUSPM, feel free to post here with any questions, etc.) Pumped and ready for the next four years to come...
  37. X

    Should I include my culinary school transcripts?

    Hey guys, I’m in a dilemma here. Prior attending my current institution, I was actually in culinary school! I know the change is weird, but long story short: I hated it & I was there for like 2 semesters, because I realised my love for medicine & never looked back since. Now the thing is, I’ve...
  38. I

    Just submitted app, what happens next?

    So everything was in order, I submitted to 5 programs just moments ago. I read in the FAQs that the status should read "complete" before it gets placed in line for verification. My status, under each program, says received...is this because I just submitted? Or is some other step required? My...
  39. G

    Podiatry Salary Outlook

    Hey SDN, I am a health science pre med major (junior) and was looking at potential careers in the med field since it is what I want to pursue. I shadowed a cardiologist, family physician, radiologist and a podiatrist and I have to say, the podiatrist was definitely the one who was most...
  40. B

    DPM or DO/MD

    so an awkward thing happened to me this past week. I discovered podiatry. I mean, I rediscovered the path to podiatry this past week. Let me start off by saying there are so many reasons I want to be a physician. And NONE of them involve the letters at the end of my name. I have applied this...