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Jul 27, 2000
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When the secondary application asks for a "medical experience letter" Just exactly WHO do they want it from? A former employer, a DO I have shadowed, any info would be appreciated.

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they want a letter from a physician (MD or DO).

what do they ask for in the secondary? a preproessional commitee letter and a phsician rec? or 2 science profs and a physician rec? or either? im asking because i havent received my secondary yet.

does every applicant get a secondary from des moines? or do they screen applicants?

could u post ur undergard stats?

good luck

i know that the "medical evaluator" is a physician (DO or MD) because i spoke with an advisor at the school (Mr. Duane Murray)

When did u send in your ACOMAS application?

When did u receive ur secondary?

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You are correct DO NOT SEND THEM ANYTHING until they ask for it. But as you mentioned it will not hurt to go ahead and get your ducks in a row.
Hi. Speaking as a MS2 at DMU, one of the medical experience letters preferably needs to be from a physician (possibly one you've followed/shadowed). The other letter can be from a science teacher/panel/etc. Remember though, it's better to have someone who knows you write about you, than someone who couldn't pick you out of a line-up, so to speak. Good luck and I hope to see you at school.