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  1. H

    HELP - Save Osteopathic Students from the Big Bad

    Hello my esteemed colleagues, Many DO students received an ominous email from the NBOME this morning that discusses their attempt to bring back COMLEX 2 PE. Attached is the link which leads to the homepage detailing the Special Commission's recommendations for the Class of 2024's COMLEX testing...
  2. S

    Virtual Step 2 CS? Really? No, we don’t want you back

    NBME ftw again, gotta get their money somehow. Not sure if other people posted about this, but heres the article I’m referring to: United States Medical Licensing Examination | Revitalize Clinical Skills When is this s—- coming back? Like, I hope they stick to their rule of not reimplementing...
  3. D

    Need to take Step 2 CS on December 30th/31st 2019! Help!!

  4. Sadsack84

    Did not receive step 2 cs score yet for December release.

    I just need some reassurance that even though I did not receive my score it does not mean I failed. Took the test on 9/14 and have yet to get my score. Any input would be much appreciated. All my friends who took it on much later dates have gotten their scores.
  5. D

    Step 2 CS worries

  6. D

    Step 2 CK/CS and rank lists

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  8. C

    Step 2 CS question

    Took it the other day. Realized after the fact that I told several SPs platitudes like "thank you, nice meeting you" or "we'll be in touch about results" as I was leaving after the end-of-encounter announcement. May be extreme, but they're weird about the timing of the exam. Wondering about...
  9. pathlologist

    Step 2 CS August 2019 Score Release

    Took CS in June in Atlanta, hoping for score this Wednesday. Just like everyone else, I made a lot of mistakes (missed diagnoses on maybe 2-4, forgot a couple of pertinent physical exam maneuvers, forgot counseling on a couple). Trying not to panic and remembering that I have a 95% chance of...
  10. D

    Did anyone make similar mistakes on CS :(

    I'm look back at all the mistakes I made. Put mostly 2 differentials, with 3 diagnostic tests, didn't know 2 diagnosis but used closed enough potentials for differentials. Did though physical exam but mostly 1 system max 2, did consult the pt if I saw something relevant to consult on. I did...
  11. P

    Tutoring for STEP1, 2 CK + CS!

    Hello future Doctors! I am offering my help in preparing students for STEP 1,2 CS+CK, and STEP 3. Also, I would be able to read over your personal statements, help with elective applications and in general anything to do with American Residency applications. My scores for STEP 1 and 2- 247 and...
  12. Flamingo477

    Step 2 CS April-May Score release Thread 2019

    Hi Drs, I did my exam may the 3rd in Atlanta. I did plenty of mistakes that I hope would not lead me to a fail. - Did not have the time my personal notes perfectly. Many of them had only 2 DDx and some even did not have any supporting evidence. - Did not have time to add more than 3 workup...
  13. S

    Looking for a Step 2 CS Partner in Brampton, Ontario or the GTA

    Hi, I'd love to practice CS cases with someone in the GTA area. If interested, please message me
  14. M

    USMLE Step 2 CS Skype study partner

    I am planning to take my Step 2 CS at Houston on 15th May. I am an IMG from India, currently based in the UK. I can dedicate 3-4 hours per day in the weekdays and 8 hours on weekends. Looking for an online study partner to practice. Please message me!
  15. B

    USMLE Step 2 CS March 2019 Score Release thread

    I tested in Jan 2019 and the wait for the score report has been excruciating! I alternate between imagining best case and worst case scenarios and the most anxiety-inducing part of this whole experience is that no one knows EXACTLY how its graded- people claim to have done really well and fail...
  16. J

    Looking for Step 2 CS partner (Dallas,TX)

    Hey guys, my name is Daniel. I'm looking for a study partner for the months of April and May. If you live in/around Dallas and need a live practice partner then feel free to hit me up.
  17. P

    Step 2 CS date switch

    I have a March 5 CS date in Philly, I'm looking for a later date in March (ideally the 22nd) in any city. Message me if interested in switching.
  18. rteran

    USMLE Hail Mary for the Step 2 CS

    Let me begin by saying that I know nothing can replace good hard work during weeks of studying. Now, a little bit of Context. IMG, Step 1 Passed (227). A little over a year ago I registered for Step 2CK and Step 2CS and planned to take both during 2018. Long story short, 2018 was a terrible...
  19. N

    need study partner 2CS

    need focused study partner for step 2cs. exam on dec 26. At houston. Live or skype. to practice FA and amboss cases for 1 week. starting on 17/12 or 18/12.
  20. S

    Yet another post-CS freakout...

    So I felt ok about CS day of, but keep remembering more and more mistakes in hindsight. My top residency choice so far requires a first time pass, and I'm on the LAST day of score reporting that should occur at the latest early January. (So if it somehow got bumped into the next group, could be...
  21. W

    Looking for Step 2 CS Study Partner (Boston/RI)

    Hey I am searching for a Step 2 CS study partner in Boston/Rhode Island area. I take the exam December 3rd. Hoping to meet in person, but I'm open to Skype.
  22. DrKoala27

    USMLE Step 2 CS - did a physical exam on a SP wearing street clothes

    Hi all - I recently took my step 2 cs and realized after the fact that I did a physical exam on a SP wearing street clothes. I guess it didn't really make sense but I did the bear bones PE (thyroid, heart, lungs). I don't remember reading the doorway instructions, but I'm guessing PE wasn't...
  23. J

    Step 2 PE schedule question

    Hey everyone. Took Step 2 PE in September in Philly and have been feeling really bad about it. I know that's not uncommon, but there were at least 3 cases I completely bombed. My score release window starts October 28th, so I haven't gotten a score yet, but when I go to the NBOME website it says...
  24. goodvibes27

    USMLE Step 2 CS: Passed. Hope my experience helps. =)

    Hi Guys! I just received my Step 2 CS score and I passed! So relieved and happy, my heart was doing backflips in the hours counting down to the result! So I thought I would share my experience and give some tips regarding how to go about CS. It's a simple exam, I do agree with that, but one...
  25. A

    USMLE USMLE Step2 CS Study Partner (Chicago)

    Hey there guys, I am an IMG currently rotating in Chicago for my third and fourth years. I have my CS exam coming up soon (end of this month) and was wondering if there's anyone around in the neighboring Chicago area I can practice with. I live in the 60625 region. Cheers
  26. PickleRick19

    Step 2 CS Concern

    I don't want this to turn into another Step 2 CS freak-out post (I took it a few weeks ago), but I have a general question about Step 2 CS. I'm NOT posting anything specific about it as I don't want to violate any rules. My question: are we or are we not supposed to do a physical exam on...
  27. M

    Need Step 2 CS partner Austin, Texas

    hi, I am looking for someone to practice with for step 2 CS; it can be someone who has already taken or not taken CS yet.I will be in Austin from August 4th and my test date is August 15th in Houston. Please respond if interested.
  28. O

    USMLE CS partner near LA, exam early august

    Hi! I am looking for a live SP in the area of LA. I have my step 2 CS exam on august 6th and want to practice as much as possible. I recently did the Kaplan prep course. Hope to hear from you soon!
  29. quincyfuturemd

    Waiting for CS scores...

    I know there are alot of these but currently going crazy and will do whatever to help myself and potentially others. Took CS not that long ago, felt ok (not great) coming out and now starting to think of more and more mistakes, some small and some not so small. I know everyone goes through...
  30. J

    Study partner for step 2 CS

    Hi, I have my Step 2 cs in 3 weeks and looking for in person preparation in New York. 2-3 times per week 2 -3 hours with cases from First Aid. We may do other days on line.
  31. V

    looking for SP 2CS on June 13th in Los Angeles

    I will be taking the USMLE Step 2CS on June 14th. I will be staying in a hotel near the testing center and I would love to meet up on June 13 to practice some cases. Please reach out to me if you are interested in helping me out with a last minute study session! Thanks :)
  32. D

    USMLE Study Partner Columbus OH

    Hi I am looking for a (even paid) serious study partner for step 2 cs Columbus OH area. Please help me I'm taking the CS in October 2018! Frank
  33. Nistelrooy


    Hey guys, i really need your advice concerning the dilemma i find myself. I am a 4th yr AMG who just recently matched into my top choice anesthesia program. I took step 2 CS my first time in ATL, i marginally failed the ICE portion with above average performance in the CIS and SEP portions. I...
  34. CingulateGyro

    USMLE Step 2 CS physical exam videos + study guide

    I have been working on a Step 2 resource of all study materials I compiled when I was preparing for the exam last year. I am still working on the resources CK and shelf exams, but I wanted to share what I have written about Step 2 CS! I went a little overkill studying for CS after hearing...
  35. BearsBeetsBattlestar

    step 2 CS - fail?

    Hi guys! IMG here! I took step 2 CS recently and I'm already freaking out... I'm afraid I might have failed:( So I beg you guys for your honest opinion about what I did wrong. I'm specifically concerned about my ICE (PE most importantly). It would be really great to hear people's experiences...
  36. sahell

    CS Review Course

    If anyone has used a review course for CS or have heard from friends, could you share your opinions? I'm an IMG planning to take CS in Houston later this year and I was considering a review course to avoid failing. I've read conflicting reviews about Gold's. The only other one I'm aware of is...
  37. A

    Step 2 CS: Failed, Retook, and Matched!

    I failed CS, retook and passed it, and had a great match. Back when I found out I had failed, I scoured the internet for information about what to do, and I only really found one post that was relevant to my situation. I'm sharing my story in case others find themselves in similar circumstances...
  38. T

    USMLE So I made a Video Course for Step 2 CS

    Hey everyone, new to studentdocnetwork. I am an attending recent residency grad. With some other attendings we made a course video course for step 2 CS. I guess I'm not allowed to put URLs in my post. :( Would love any feedback! Cheers.
  39. V

    Step 2 CS Question

    I have a question regarding a specific circumstance during the Step 2 CS Exam: One examinee, who just so happens to have been a high school science teacher before going to medical school, fails the CS Exam specifically because of his CIS performance, which is graded by the standardized...
  40. CrunchyTeddy

    Do you need to pass step 2 cs before starting intern year (AMG)?

    I recently found out that unfortunately, I failed my step 2 cs. This was a huge shock to me as I’m a 4th yr student at a well regarded US medical school and have done well with SPs throughout my clerkship and sub internships. I’m not terribly worried about the match because all the rank order...