In my rush to get my app finished up, I purchased 10 transcripts each from the two schools that I attended thinking that I will mail the batch of 20 total transcripts to the AADSAS. As I finished up my app, I just noticed the official transcript match form that you have to download saying that the transcripts cannot be mailed directly, they must be sent straight from the respective registrars.

So my question is this...have I blown $100 on official transcripts? Has anyone had experience doing this? Can I mail the official transcripts directly to the schools I am applying to? Any opinions? Help, anyone?



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Jan 12, 2002
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I think you will need to send official transcripts to the application service. They might take a copy if it looks sealed w/ signature on the seal. Some schools will want a copy of your trans. but again, the trans. you have may not be official enough. You will get the best answer by calling and asking the application service (at this point most SDN'ers might consider it the application disservice) and individual schools.

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