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Oct 3, 2003
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I can tell you right now that the Kaplan PS and BS are based more on memorization and prior knowledge, but they are tough and uses weird logic or clever trick to derive the answer. Hence they are not much like the real MCAT. However, their VR section most closely resemble the real MCAT than any other tests I have seen. They focus more on structure instead of detail.

PS: Average
BS: Average
VR: Good

Princeton Review:

Tough PS and tough BS. They are harder than the actual MCAT, but they are representative of what the MCAT test and this is CONCEPT. However, the Princeton VR section is CRAP. It focus too much on detail and much less on the main idea. This is not how the MCAT is.

PS: Good
BS: Good
VR: Poor

Berkeley Review:

Their PS and BS are tough, not representative of the real MCAT, but they prepare you for it. Although, I still think the Princeton Review PS and BS passages are better. Berkeley Review VR section sucks too. They are too long and tend to focus more on detail than real MCAT.

PS: Average
BS: Average
VR: Poor


Their PS, BS, and VR kind of representative of the real MCAT, but are a little harder. I think the ExamKrackers test might be the most representative out of all the Prep Company test. However, ExamKrackers explanation for their test sucks!! Kaplan Explantions are the best, yes even better than Princeton Review.

PS: Good
BS: Good
VR: Good

MCAT Success 2004:

Their 4 full length tests are not representative. VR, PS, and BS focuses too much on memorization and not much on critical thinking. Their VR is alright

PS: Poor
BS: Poor
VR: Poor

The Gold Standard 5th edition:

Their 3 full length tests are hard, not representative of the real MCAT. Their PS and BS focuses more on computational works and less on critical thinking. Their VR are alright.

PS: Average
BS: Average
VR: Average

NOVA MCAT's Physic:

Their PS do not represent the REAL MCAT one bit!! Although they explain the physic concept well.

PS: Very Poor

Well that is what I can say when I compare all these tests.
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