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Dec 19, 2015
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Hey guys so I have some question about my situation and DIY post bacc. Graduated from a T10 with a 3.34 cumulative gpa and 3.01 BCPM gpa. I am looking to do a DIY post bacc this year for gpa repair. Decided to do a DIY post bacc taking upper level science courses at a local SUNY state school because of cost and location.
Questions I have
  • Will it be looked down on for taking courses at a local state SUNY school even if I ace all my classes? Is one SUNY or CUNY school better than the other. Farming-dale state vs NYC college of technology vs City college?
  • How many courses should I take? Just for reference, I am going to be studying for the mcat while in classes and taking it in January. I am thinking maybe doing around 25 credits, which would bring me up to a 3.45 cumulative and 3.30 science gpa. I have heard a lot of advice about how you should take at least 30 credits for post bacc. 30 credits of A's would bring me up to a 3.47 c, 3.34 sc. However, at the school I am doing the post bacc, most of these upper level science courses have a ingrained lab to go along with it that is a part of the grade so if I were to take 30 credits, it would be 4 classes each semester, of which 3 would have an additional lab (4 upper lecture class + 3 labs). Would 4 upper science courses + 3 labs be do-able along with mcat studying? I will most likely also be doing volunteering and will be certified for Phlebotomy/EKG to do medical assisting as well by November.
  • I have 3 C's on the my transcript from my pervious T10 undergrad. 2 C+'s in Ochem and Physics II. And a C- in Intro to biology. (Just as a side note, the intro to biology course is widely known as one of the absolute hardest biology courses in the whole country. I even know post-bacc PhD's that had a hard time in it.) Should I retake all my C's, just the C-, or not retake any courses at all and focus on upper level science courses.
  • Any other tips you guys have? Tbh I was a serial procrastinator when in undergraduate. Literally waited till the last minute and pull all nighters for all my tests. It was only afterwards I would find out to be clinically diagnosed with ADD. I've gotten better with it now though and have increased my focus time, learned study techniques, and put importance on active recall.

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