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  1. P

    Wondering if I should do a DIY post-bacc ...

    Hi everyone. I wanted help deciding if doing a DIY post-bacc would be the best option for me. I graduated from a community college with a 3.9 in 2020. I then transferred to a 4-year and graduated with a 3.6 in August 2022 as a Biology major. My community college didn’t have any pre-med...
  2. johnsonthehopeful

    Summer class on top of 32 hours of post-bacc?

    Hey y'all. So I'm a super-nontrad and reapplicant who recently completed 32 hours of DIY post-baccalaureate coursework. Only a handful were upper-division courses (biochem, micro, med micro, physics, genetics) due to the lack of availability of courses that didn't interfere with my work...
  3. A

    DIY post bacc help!

    Hey guys so I have some question about my situation and DIY post bacc. Graduated from a T10 with a 3.34 cumulative gpa and 3.01 BCPM gpa. I am looking to do a DIY post bacc this year for gpa repair. Decided to do a DIY post bacc taking upper level science courses at a local SUNY state school...
  4. dinucleotidecarl

    Could I benefit from doing a DIY post-bacc this summer for this cycle?

    Hi everyone. This is a long one, so there's a TL;DR below. I graduated college in 2017 and have worked in both health care (scribe/scribe trainer, CMA) and elsewhere (Fulbright, teaching abroad) since graduation. Texas resident. I took all my prereqs in college and got a Pre-Health Professions...
  5. jyy3gx

    DIY post bacc at 4 year college as non degree seeking student vs UC Berkeley Extension

    Hello, is there anyone here who has done a DIY post bacc through UCBx? I just have to take a few pre reqs right now, and I am trying to decide to do them either at a local 4 year college as a non degree seeking student or at UCBx. I am worried that I won't be able to get into the classes that I...
  6. F

    Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program

    Hi! I have read a lot of useful threads about this topic, but I wanted to receive some opinions about my situation. I have graduated with a BS in psychology from a pretty rigorous honors college with an overall 3.48 GPA & 3.58 science GPA. I did not complete all of my prerequisites for...
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  8. Python Forever

    UCLA Extension Viewed as 4-Year University?

    I'm a nontrad looking to start taking the prereqs the later half of this year. I live in SoCal so my options are limited to UCLA Extension, UCLA Concurrent Enrollment, and CSU classes. I think UCLA CE is out of the question due to cost and unreliability in getting into classes. From what I...
  9. A

    Non-Trad Reinventor, Low uGPA/4.0 Post-Bacc - Do I Need an SMP, or Can I Apply 2019-2020?

    Hi, I am a longtime lurker on SDN, and finally created an account to post in WAMC as I finish up my DIY post-bacc. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in pure mathematics and a very low c/sGPA, both around 2.5-2.6. I took about 120 units, but about 30% was done Pass/Fail, which also...
  10. E

    2 DIY Post-Bacc Options - Ideal One?

    Hello, everyone. I'm graduating this December with a STEM degree, and I'm looking to go into a DIY post-bacc to career change into a pre-med path. I have not taken any of the prereq classes while in school except Math, so I'd need to start on everything from scratch. I'm graduating with a low...
  11. M

    DIY Post-Bacc Harvard Extension School

    Anyone planning to take DIY Post-bacc at Harvard Extension School next year? And anyone is currently doing it? Any advice and recommendations? I am doing it next year starting in summer 2019.
  12. C

    DIY Post Bacc - Advice Choosing Classes

    Hi everyone, I need help deciding classes for a DIY post bacc. A little bit of background: I graduated in May 2018 from a top 40 private university with a degree in economics. I was pre-med and have completed all pre-med requirements (general biology, general chemistry 1 & 2, physics 1 & 2...
  13. B

    DIY post-bacc to raise GPA but already finished pre-reqs

    I just graduated from UCI and need to do a DIY post bacc to raise my cGPA/sGPA of 3.45. However, I was a human bio major so I have already taken all the pre-reqs and several upper division bio courses. For my DIY, should I avoid the basic pre-req courses and only go for upper div sciences, or is...
  14. B

    DIY Post-bacc help! UCLA Extension vs. concurrent enrollment?

    I'm a pre-med student who just recently graduated from UC Irvine. I am looking to do a DIY post-bacc in the fall/winter to raise my gpa and was thinking of UCLA extension. However, I have heard that extension courses are known to be "easier" than actual UCLA courses designated for their admitted...
  15. T

    Pharmacology at UC Berkeley Extension (DIY Post Bacc)

    Hey guys! Has anyone taken Pharmacology at UCB Extension? I'm taking my final soon and I'm looking for people who took it and can give me any advice on how to study for it and what to focus on. Anything helps! :) Thank you!!
  16. B

    What DIY post-bacc courses to take and where?

  17. T

    UC Berkeley Extension Hematology & Genetics *DIY Post Bacc*

    Hello everyone! I know this is a shot in the dark, but help a fellow student out. So I'm currently taking Hematology, Pharmacology, and Genetics at UC Berkeley Extension (online). So before taking these classes I was ready to learn and ace all of them, and then once I took them I realized that...
  18. M

    Harvard Extension School DIY Post-Bacc

    Hello. I decided to take higher level science class in Harvard Extension School next summer. I'm not from Boston, but I will be working at Boston's Children Hospital, and I just really want to experience Boston for a while. Went there few months ago to attend HMS seminar and fell inlove with the...
  19. M

    HES classes? DIY post-bacc?

    Anyone taking medical science/biology classes in Harvard Extension School? Just classes, not in Post-bacc program. Are you going to recommend it?They have really interesting classes. Please share you experience.
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  21. M

    Fixing a GPA - Need advice on next moves (DIY or SMP)

    Hi all. I am a recent undergraduate who graduated from a top ~20 school and needed some advice on my next steps in the med school process. I am aiming mainly for MD but would be open to a few DO options as well. Here are my stats: ORM 521 MCAT, I crammed for only a month, so I feel like I can...
  22. Mickey.Mouse

    How to approach and what classes to take on a DIY PostBacc?

    Hello everyone, I graduated from FDU with a BS/MS in 2016 with a combined GPA of 3.05. I've manually calculated my uGPA as 2.98 and my gGPA as 3.24, however, I might've done it wrong. I will recalculate it. Took my MCAT in 2017 with little to no preparation and scored a 488. I know that with...
  23. V

    Post Bac vs SMP ?

    Hi all, I'm currently debating the best way to go about doing a post-bac to improve my credentials before I think about applying. Stats: 3.13 cgpa 2.96 sgpa major: biology competitive liberal arts college ECs: ~100 hours volunteer experience 1 year as research tech at highly ranked medical...
  24. R

    Need Advice!!! SMP or DIY Post Bacc/ MCAT Prep

    I’m currently in a predicament and need your advice. I’m a graduate student with a BS in biomedical sciences. My cGPA is 3.2, sGPA 3.0 and MCAT 489 (first attempt). I was advised to enroll in a special masters program but soon realized that going that route would be expensive. The courses that I...
  25. S

    2018-2019 DO non-traditional applicant

    I am a non-traditional Texas resident looking to apply in the 2018-2019 cycle. I graduated in 2016 with a cGPA 3.2 and a sGPA 2.96, no strong increasing or decreasing trends. Since graduating I did a summer of full time research in HIV a Texas Tech Health Science Center in EL Paso Texas. I have...
  26. G

    MD SMP or Post Bacc given stats: cGPA 3.31 sGPA 3.13 MCAT 500

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for advise based on some raw numbers/information: I am a CA resident. I graduated college 4 years ago, have since worked as a medical scribe, in a clinic for the underserved, and had many volunteer/shadowing hours (have not had research work since my undergrad...
  27. vivre17

    Apply as Nondegree Seeking or 2nd Bachelors?? DIY Post-Bacc help pls

    I'm a senior nursing student graduating in May 2018. I want to start taking my med school pre-reqs during Summer or Fall 2018, but I'm having trouble with maneuvering applications. I only want to take classes and at this time do not intend to pursue a second bachelor's degree. I don't think I'll...
  28. micelle1738

    How to plan my DIY post-bacc?

    Hi everyone, I am pretty new to SDN, but I have been reading a bunch of threads to gain insight on DIY post-baccs and how to apply it to my situation. I'm a recent college grad and taking gap years before applying to medical school (I don't have a timeline because I want to feel confident as...
  29. GliaLimitans

    How to afford DIY postbac classes?

    Hello all, I am curious about how you financed your postbac work. Do you pay out of pocket? Take out loans? If you took out loans, what kind of loans are you eligible for? I come from a very low income family, so parental help is out of the question. My PhD stipend is not enough for me to be...
  30. T

    Advice for bringing up sGPA after graduation

    So I'm a junior in undergrad who has just recently decided to go for medical school, so I'm a little behind. I'm interested in MD and DO, and know I won't be applying for at least 2 or 3 years. I actually have solid extra curriculars and volunteer experience that I can build upon, so I know...
  31. C

    yet another DIY- vs structured-postbac question!

    Hi everyone, I know this kind of question gets asked all the time, but I'm looking for some input on a post-bac path. I'm a non-trad, 24, philosophy major undergrad, gpa a bloody 3.0, only took a single science course. I've just been accepted to UPenn's Core Studies postbac. However, it is...
  32. N

    DIY Post-Bacc: Assorted Questions

    Since I saw this distinction at the school I'd most likely do a DIY post-bacc at, would you be considered an undergrad (since you're not formally attending a grad school/researching/etc) or a grad (since you got your BS already)? Or does it not matter too much since you're only taking however...
  33. D

    Serious GPA Repair Strategy for DO Acceptance

    Hi all, I really need some advice because I don't understand how the DO sGPA calculations work. For some context: I attended a Top 15 undergraduate university, and I have great leadership, lab research, and shadowing experience. Unfortunately, I let my extracurriculars and social life...
  34. D

    Retaking Basic Science Courses

    Hi, so I have a terrible science GPA mainly because I got C's in almost all of my basic science coursework (my other basics are only B's, not even A's), so I am heavily considering doing a DIY postbacc and retaking all of that basic coursework. Will it be poorly reflected on DO applications that...