Do all shadow & volunteer hours need to be completed before applying?


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Mar 2, 2011
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    As long as you are good about updating the schools that you applied to, it should be fine. I think it's good that you want to focus on the DAT but maybe doing 5 hours every other week could keep you focused on the bigger picture of everything. (I remember studying for DAT math thinking why do I need to know this?)
    From my experience, school's appreciate the updates and it shows that you are still interested.
    Hope that helps!


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    Apr 6, 2012
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      Hey guys, I wanted to know your suggestions regarding my situation.
      Does it hinder your application is you have like 3 pre-reqs not finished ? I was planning to take physics 2 (which will reduce it to two) this summer plus study the DAT/do more shadowing and try to apply in early aug. But I feel it will be too much and wont put in good study time for the DAT! I dont know if I should just focus on the DAT and shadowing hours this summer then apply and finish up all the pre-reqs in the fall and spring....:s ??? Idk what to doo..........

      Any advice would be amazing :) thanks !
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