do pathologists have a salary??


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Jul 19, 2006
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I have been trying to research what an average pathologist earns, but the stats I get are highly variable...ranging from 150 to 300,000. What have you guys learned about the average pathologist salary? I realize that dermpath makes around 400 or so, but what about the other subspecialties? Thanks for your help. :smuggrin:


:p we live on foodstamps and we make the most during residency. it just goes to hell after that. :rolleyes:

seriously, how much do CEOs make? do the research on that and then come back if you still have the question.


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Jul 5, 2006
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i think you have noticed a range of salary because there probably really is that much variability: range in subspecialty pay, private vs academic, compensation based on geographical location, high base salary vs decent base salary with highly desirable benefit package (that may make up the difference for the less than desirable base salary depending on your situation and personal priorites) and finally, how many years in practice (clearly there is a difference there)'s difficult to make generalizations. this could probably be said about many other specialities and i am willing to bet their figures also cover a range.

i don't think you're gonna find the answer you're looking for. as has been said before, pathologists make more than some specialties and less than others...either way, by the time we're practicing, or at the peak of our earning potential, who knows what the state of reimbersments will be.

from what i understand, they do in fact make less than ceos.
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Feb 2, 2007
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Also keep in mind that there are clinical pathologists, anatomic pathologists, and combined clincial/anatomic pathologists - this reflects their salary, and where they can work - i.e. community hospital verse academic hospital.
Pathology is not as homogenous of a profession as something like famiily medicine or pediatrics.
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