DO Residency Placement rate climbs to 99.29%

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Aug 3, 2012
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I apologize in advance for sharing good news.
Despite massive school expansion, proliferation, and the dreaded single accreditation system that was going to destroy DOs (sarcasm),
DO placement rates went up back to back years.

(98.14 in 2018, 98.48 in 2019, and 99.29 in 2020)

Also, preSOAP NRMP match rates have gone up from 81.7% in 2018 to 90.7% in 2020.

Also, over 90% of former AOA residency programs made the transition to ACGME.

New opportunities are available like never before for graduates, who no longer have to self select out of ACGME match to be in the safer AOA match. In 2013-2014 this forum was convinced that the world was falling and crumbling.

Moving forward things to watch for are controlling school expansion/proliferation, unifying licensing exams and strategic GME expansion in high need areas.

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