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Feb 18, 2005
whats up people,
so, i'm taking some grad school courses - i took 8 credits in the fall and got straight A's.
This spring, I'm takin a med school course and have really not been focussing (have had other stuff going on). My question is, I'm onlt taking this 5 credit course - I want to withdraw because
1. I'm np doing well in it (maybe get a C)
2. If i drop it I will have time to retake the mcat this april and pull up my score of 28

-How bad will a WD look on my transcript?


that's the bottom line
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Apr 17, 2003
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Well, in my opinion...I really think that 1 W from now until you graduate will not look bad. 2 W's is pushing it. 3 W's is probably too many. You'll probably get a better response posting in the pre-allopathic or pre-osteopathic forums.