Do You Want to Get Out of Debt Fast? Family Practice

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Apr 6, 2009
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My husband's employer is looking for a Family Practice doctor in a little town in the Texas Panhandle. We moved here nearly 3 years ago with over 400k in debt (his med school debt and my grad school debt), and are on track to have it all paid off in a year from now. We were able to get out of debt so quickly because:

1. Over 4 years Texas has a loan repayment program that pays 160k directly to the lender (not taxed) if you are in an underserved area
2. The county we live in pays 20k bonus that we put towards loans
3. We make around 300k a year so we are able to put a lot of our own money towards our debt.

On top of getting out of debt so quickly we have also been able to save quite a lot towards retirement (both our money and what we are matched through work).

The job in a nutshell is 3.5 days in the clinic, 1 day in the ER a week, and 1 ER weekend shift a month. The town is small so the FP doctors cover both the clinic and the ER. The clinic has a rather low patient load and the ER call is from home. You also get paid for anyone you admit to the hospital from the ER and can pick up as much nursing home work as you want. If your main goal is getting out of debt quick this job is fantastic. If you have any questions regarding this job you can email me at:

[email protected]
Erin Adams

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