rural medicine

  1. M

    Rural Focused MD Schools

    Hi all, I have extensive experience with providing rural healthcare and education, and I'm looking at applying to medical schools that have a focus on rural medicine. I'm aware that a lot of DO schools are rurally focused and I plan on applying to several, as well as taking advantage of the...
  2. P

    Can rural interest open doors at OOS unfriendly schools?

    Hello all, As the title implies, I have a very great passion for rural healthcare. It’s my main reason for going into medicine, I have a hard time seeing myself practicing in anything other than a rural or rural accessible setting. Growing up in Appalachia in a rural area that was still within...
  3. N

    Rural Pediatrics

    I recently moved to a small town in rural Southeast US and the patient census is nearly non-existant. I get, on average, five patients a day. Occasionally I have a full eight-hour shift with zero patients. I work for an FQHC, so I don't have any control over who I see - instead, I am just...
  4. C

    UICOM (RMED-Rockford) vs SLU

    Hi! I have been accepted into the RMED program at UICOM in Rockford after interviewing and have recently been accepted off of the waitlist at Saint Louis University and wanted some opinions on how to weigh my options. I would be out-of-state for SLU but in-state for UICOM, but from what I can...
  5. V

    Why are combined FM/EM residencies not more common?

    Currently, there are only 3 FM/EM programs (5 years) in the country. Why are these programs not more common? To a naive med student, dual board certification in FM and EM seems to create the ultimate rural doctor, and something like this pathway is what other large countries with remote areas...
  6. P

    Rural Med School Reccomendations Wanted MD/DO

    I am looking to apply to MD or DO schools with strong rural medicine programs. Rural medicine is my passion and what I am looking to pursue. Little bit about me: MCAT 505, GPA 3.59, sGPA 3.46 female, white 100+ hours shadowing in providers in rural areas 4 years on student-run rural shadowing...
  7. N

    school list help! (514 MCAT, 3.5 GPA, 3.2 sGPA)

    So I am planning on applying this upcoming cycle! I am mainly concerned about how low my GPA is, especially my science GPA. My last two years of college I maintained a overall ~3.9 GPA, but my upper division courses were in Nutrition Sciences (my major) so they did not raise my crappy sGPA. I do...
  8. missmissouri

    Mizzou's Bryant Scholar Program

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about applying to this because I meet all requirements, and Mizzou would be my #1 pick for medical school. They accept 15 people of each class as a part of this program. I'm not sure how competitive it is because I don't know anyone else at my university who is...
  9. H

    PA vs MD (or other) for a Mom!??

    Hi All! I have read *thousands* probably responses regarding PA versus MD. But I have some specific differences that may effect the answers and wanted some professional opinions! I am a 33 year old mom with a 9 year old son and recently married. Here’s my question - PA school? MD school...
  10. B

    Rebuilding Respect

    Edited to “delete”, as there isn’t apparently a way to do this. I was foolish and assumed this was anonymous, but @sb247 makes some very good points. Thank you for that. At the very least, I’ll bring this up at my next councilling appointment.
  11. Harryboy44

    Determining career

    Hello, this is my first post on SDN and I'm interested to see the responses. I am currently a junior at a public university in Arkansas. I am looking at taking the MCAT this upcoming summer and having my application sent in shortly after. I play college football, have pretty strong volunteer...
  12. JadeWell

    Vermont Physicians Wanted

    My local hospital in Vermont is looking for: Family Medicine Physician Internal Medicine Physician Emergency Medicine Physician Orthopedic Surgeon Looking to talk with soon-to-be post residents and up to join our awesome, recreational, outdoorsy and close knit community. $20,000 sign on...
  13. thelampking

    Wilderness / Expedition Medicine

    Hey hey hey! I'm interested in wilderness medicine. Dream job: trekking up mountains while being able to practice medicine. It combines my 3 passions: medicine, fitness, and travel. Close 2nd dream job: Doctors Without Borders or another international health aid company. 3rd: FEMA (or something...
  14. D

    Getting into a rural track without coming from a rural area

    I come from a suburban New Jersey town and attended undergrad at Rutgers - New Brunswick with a major in Public Health. I have shadowed a physician for the past year and have been in underserved, but urban, clinics. I have my heart set on medical schools (MD or DO) that have rural tracks...
  15. M

    ER Physician Needed in AZ for Underserved Population (IHS)

    Caduceus Healthcare has an exciting opportunity for an Emergency Room Physician at the Whiteriver Indian Hospital located in Whiteriver, Arizona, that offers a rewarding and unique healthcare opportunity to serve the Fort Apache Indian Reservation community. Education and Experience: • MD/DO...
  16. T

    ou-hcom-ohio vs edward via-virginia

    I have lots of interest in attending both schools. They both seemed very similar and I am having a hard time choosing between the two. -Tuition is not much of a factor because ohio U increases their tuition for years 3 and 4 making it only negligibly cheaper overall. -I like the location of...
  17. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    So what is rural?

    I will be applying to medical school this next cycle, and wanted to understand what constitutes the label of rural. I plan on applying to DO schools, and want to honest when telling them "I want to practice rural medicine." I do know rural physicians have the potential to obtain better...
  18. T


    Was recently accepted to OU and I am interviewing at NEOMED. I already know that neomed is mainly for six bs/md people but what are the other differences between the schools for comparison? I am interested in rural medicine so both feel like a good fit.
  19. P

    Pharmacists as a means of countering Physician Shortage?

    Hello All, So this will be a weird discussion to some extent. It's only a hypothetical idea that came in my mind, but I found it interesting. Before I begin, I'll ask everyone to keep this discussion civilized. All professions deserve respect and everyone (Pharmacists, PA's, Nurses, NP's...
  20. N

    How to show interest in rural medicine and family medicine?

    I'm originally from a big city and am a first generation American. However, I have become increasingly interested in family medicine through shadowing and working in rural settings through experiences with doctors in rural areas (got sick/hurt a couple times while hiking in rural areas). I'd...
  21. H

    Do You Want to Get Out of Debt Fast? Family Practice

    My husband's employer is looking for a Family Practice doctor in a little town in the Texas Panhandle. We moved here nearly 3 years ago with over 400k in debt (his med school debt and my grad school debt), and are on track to have it all paid off in a year from now. We were able to get out of...