family practice

  1. M

    Building DPC practices

    How many folks have started the process of evaluating the DPC opportunity in your areas? What tools are you using to do opportunity analysis? How are you creating projections for patient load and patient recruitment? I am looking for primary/family care physicians in the southeast who want to...
  2. T

    DO General Surgery & Family Practice Dual Residency

    Hi everyone, I'm almost certain I want to go the DO route because I am really fascinated by their treatment philosophy. I think having the additional training in OMM would be especially useful for me, considering I am strongly considering going into family practice. However, I'm also interested...
  3. Z

    GPR vs A Family Owned Practice

    Hi eveyone! Just looking for a bit of advice. I'm a D3 and I had originally intended on coming straight out of school and joining a practice owned by my parent. But after going to school and being in the clinic I am starting to wonder if I am going to feel confident enough in my skills to...
  4. J

    Different styles of family practices ?

    I am very interested in a family practice that is more involved with patients diet, exercise, and preventative type medicine. Does anyone have any good advice as to where I can view different styles of family medicine geared towards this? or know of any specific places like this in the country...
  5. M

    Family Practice with OB

    I am finding myself drawn to family practice. Specifically, a procedure emphasis with ob in a rural area. I have seen a few residency rograms (JPS in Ft Worth and Texas A&M) which have a strong focus on OB including primary surgeon on C-sections. The website boasts at least 50 c-sections and...
  6. E

    Third Year Residents Needed for Low Volume Er in Rural KS

    Third Year Residents needed for ER work in Rural KS setting. 10 K annual volume for ER Visits. Competitive Pay and excellent staff. Sign on, and Retention Bonus possible. Please contact for exact location and details. Qualifications: KS State License ACLS, PALS with commitment to get ATLS if...
  7. courtmv888

    NHSC Scholarship awarding

    I applied for the upcoming cycle of NHSC scholarships and was wondering if anyone could tell me when they usually announce the awards for the upcoming year and by what means they notify you? Thanks!
  8. A

    where do you look for Family Medicine jobs

    Where do newer practicing physicians look for jobs? We prefer to hire directly and not pay a recruiter. We are looking for a partner track Family Physician in Bellingham, Washington. Thanks!
  9. ValleyGuy

    Huband + Wife Team Family Practice (Physician + Sonographer/Manager)

    I didn't know where to post this, so moderators if this needs to be moved, please move it. Background: I am at the end of my 3rd year of medical school and will be applying to family medicine residencies this coming Fall. My plan is to do as many emergency medicine electives I can during...
  10. H

    Do You Want to Get Out of Debt Fast? Family Practice

    My husband's employer is looking for a Family Practice doctor in a little town in the Texas Panhandle. We moved here nearly 3 years ago with over 400k in debt (his med school debt and my grad school debt), and are on track to have it all paid off in a year from now. We were able to get out of...
  11. Colorado Employer

    Colorado FP job

    A Community Health Center in the family-oriented, multicultural town of Pueblo, CO (elev. 4,695) is seeking a Family Medicine Physician to join their comprehensive team in a Medical Home which provides excellent care for the underserved population. This facility offers: · An annual salary...
  12. ApolloCME

    Family Practice CME & Board Review Courses 2016-2017

    Comprehensive Review of Family Medicine Credit Hours: 57 Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1 Format: Online Video, CD, MP3, DVD MP4 Expiration Date: December 31, 2017 Summary: An in-depth review in full-color video and digital audio. This course is available in a variety of media formats — Online...
  13. M

    Family vs Neurology

    Hello, I'm currently an MS3 close to having to decide on fourth year schedules and wanted to ask for advice in regards to choosing to go into neurology or family medicine. I posted this earlier in the neurology forum but wanted to see what those in family medicine thought. A little background...
  14. M

    Advice on Neurology Vs Family Med

    Hello, I'm currently an MS3 close to having to decide on fourth year schedules and wanted to ask for advice in regards to choosing to go into neurology or family medicine. A little background on my current position, etc. I'm currently at an allopathic school, have done all of the core...
  15. Johnny Appleseed

    DO school Tuition and Debt!

    SCHOOL Resident Tuition Non-Resident Tuition Average graduate indebtedness (Graduating Class) UNTHSC/TCOM $13,078 $28,766 $139,337 (2014) LECOM-PA $31,030 $31,030...