Doctoral Counseling/Clinical Psychology Student Participants Wanted

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Feb 16, 2016
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Dear SDN members,

This letter is a request for you to take part in a research project to explore the developmental of professional/clinical experiences during graduate school and variables related to professional development and clinical work. Your practical experience and insight are wanted for a research study! This project is being conducted by Dr. Jennifer Taylor in the College of Education and Human Services at West Virginia University along with Dr. Nadya Fouad, a professor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Chelsea Latorre, M.Ed., a doctoral student in counseling psychology at WVU, and Mercedes Santana, M.Ed., a doctoral student in counseling psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Your participation in this project is greatly appreciated and will take approximately 20 minutes to fill out the attached questionnaire.

The link below takes you to the brief survey. If you are interested in participating, we ask that you complete the survey by Monday, February 29th. You will be issued a $5 Starbucks gift card if you include your email address on the last page of the survey, as a thank you for your participation! (Please note, for your privacy, email addresses are not linked with survey results.)

Your involvement in this project will be kept as confidential as legally possible. All data will be reported in the aggregate. You must be 18 years of age or older and enrolled in a doctoral level graduate program in clinical or counseling psychology to participate. I will not ask any information that should lead back to your identity as a participant. Your participation is completely voluntary. You may skip any question that you do not wish to answer and you may discontinue at any time. West Virginia University's Institutional Review Board acknowledgement of this project is on file.

We hope that you will participate in this research project, as it could be beneficial in understanding relevant components of clinical training and professional development during graduate school. Thank you very much for your time. Should you have any questions about this letter or the research project, please feel free to contact Jennifer Taylor at (304) 293-2176 or by e-mail at [email protected].

If you are willing to participate in this study, please click here:


Jennifer Taylor and The Professional Development Research Team

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