Survey for Clinical/Counseling Psych doctoral students: Stress & Coping

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Sep 3, 2020
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We don’t want to waste your time: you’re a doctoral student, you’re familiar with study solicitations, here’s one more for you. Here’re the brass tacks:

· The study’s about stress and resilience of clinical or counseling doctoral psychology students

· It’ll take 20 - 30 minutes

· Afterward you can enter a raffle to win one of ten $100 Amazon gift cards

· Click here to take the survey

All the technical, consenty, IRBy details are at the survey, so hit that link if you want to read through them.

Attached is our flyer as well. Feel free to take copy or flyer and distribute

Thanks for your time!

IRB Approval through Alliant International University.
Study open until 5/2021

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