Does anyone know anything about American International Medical University (AIMU)

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Aug 3, 2009
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Does anyone know anything about this school? It is located on Saint Lucia. I have a friend, who is from Saint Lucia, that wants to go there. She just completed secondary school, which is the Lucian equivalent of high school, and from what I understand, she can do a 5 year comprehensive program that will give her a degree.

What do you all think of that? And will you have different advice since she is Saint Lucian and not American?



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Dec 27, 2008
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Hi !
I am currently enrolled at the school , under the pre-clinical semester 5 term of pre clinical phase.Its imperative for her to educate herself first as to how the US medical education system works , educational bodies of accreditation involved etc in order for her to evaluate the efficacy of any school for that matter .
AIM-U is a new school and does have a huge chunk of local St Lucian students.The school has the necessary ECFMG accreditation and is under process to avail canadian licensure.Clinical rotations are under the GMC Group,Georgia and you also have the option of completing yr final 5th pre clinical semester at an affiliate campus in the US.
As far as studies are concerned ,few professors are indeed talented , but irrespective of the fact how a professor might coach is is the truth that you will have to master the BIG books anyway...we have a rigid , difficult examination system in place , which is actually good cuz it prepares u for the big daddy exam --the USMLE STEP 1....we have plenty of exams ...and exams...and exams,,,phew ! so u can get trained well for those MCQ's

Medical school is in my personal opinion all about how prepared you can be ...dun make ANY school a scapegoat ....its all that you are INSPIRED and WILLING to go ahead and carve a niche for yrself .Its true that caribbean grads do have it difficult at the US with residencies ..but a stellar USMLE 1 score will always shut critics of yr school or yr background.

So, get ready towards a journey of 'self-redemption' and well...may sound cliche' but real hard work too!

Further check out : aimu-edu.us ...all relevant links can be followed from there .

Cheers !
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