Does every program accept OPT?

Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by nancycy, Aug 18, 2011.

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    I am a foreign citizen about to graduate from a US medical school (on F1). I plan to use OPT for my prelim year training. Because I am geographically limited, I would like to apply to all the prelim programs in my desired location. However, some community programs tell me that they accept J1 only, not OPT. :(
    Could anybody please tell me whether OPT has any program limitations? I thought I would be able to work anywhere with OPT. Thanks a lot.
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    Don't have an answer to your q but have a few additonal questions...

    How/where in the application, do you specify to programs that you want to use your OPT? Won't it work to just mention that you have that option available so that the programs that accept it (the OPT) automatically take notice?

    How does an OPT help programs? I'm guessing it would bring down the visa costs..but would it, given that the visa eventually would have to be sponsored (after 12 months)?


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