May 28, 2012
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Sorry for bombarding you all with questions (I just started another thread on a different topic). I couldn't find an answer to this using the search feature.

My question is how much it matters where I get my masters. If you have the opportunity to attend a prestigious school which is quite a far commute from your house, but also have the opportunity to attend a school (not as prestigious) with an identical program several blocks from home, does it really matter which one you attend?
Nov 26, 2013
If its identical, I would say it doesn't matter. I commute 4+ hours round-trip five days a week. I would take an identical program that's blocks away from my house in a heartbeat. You mentioned in a previous post that you were interested in a doctoral program, prestige and research opportunities may matter in that regard. For terminal masters program, accreditation and quality internships/practicums will serve you well in your job search. This is just one persons opinion, I am sure others will chime in shortly.


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Jan 23, 2012
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If your only goal is a terminal master's, then I'd say that as long as it is a quality program, it doesn't matter where you go. See how practitioners and clinicians in your area view the program. This is also a good decision when trying to decide what terminal master's to get (in reference to your other post). In my state, I always suggest to people to go for the LMFT rather than the LPC (LMHC in some states) because of our state's quirky rules, but that only applies to my state!! The licensure boards all have different requirements, so I always suggest that people look into that before picking a particular license/program.
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Sep 5, 2009
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Here in CA, I went a small CSU instead of an UC for my MSW. My BSW is also from an CSU.

Understand, that you cannot change others of perception of the prestige of the school, (eg. Cal-Berkeley, UCLA, USC, etc). So if you graduate from that school you have the reputation that proceeds that school no matter what program you choose. I think this is great considering to have the best chances, odds, at life, you want to give yourself the best perceptions of a good school you went to.

But also consider individuals also consider what you know, how you speak, how you relate to others is an over-all perception also. So seek the best things in life that gives you the "best overall package" that you can manage it but keep also keep in mind the overall perspective as a person.

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