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Does your school have a state med society student chapter, associated with the AMA?


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Jul 23, 2002
  1. Resident [Any Field]
There's been a lot of talk here at DMU about starting a student chapter of the Iowa Medical Society, which is associated with the AMA. It does not mean that members will have to join the AMA as well, although they may. The current Board Chairman for the IMS who came to speak with us today is a DMU alum, about 10% of their physician members are DOs (more than half of the practicing DOs in Iowa), and 25% of their board committee members are DOs. There has already been intense discussions as to whether or not this is of benefit to us.

Many of us see it as a way to get access to more resources, be exposed to a broader view of the main events going on in medicine, and don't understand why this might "dilute what we stand for as osteopathic physicians", as said by one person who feels very strongly against founding a chapter here. Some don't feel that this organization can provide us with something more than what we are getting from the state osteopathic medical society, the IOMA. To clarify, the IMS did not come to our school with this offer; it was initiated by a group of students who presented it to the student government, and received no opposition. If there are enough students who are interested in organizing it further, a student chapter will be instituted.

I am interested to learn if other D.O. schools have such a thing, and if it has ever been considered. Appreciate your thoughts :)
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