DO's in NRMP programs after intern?

Discussion in 'Emergency Medicine' started by docflanny, Mar 24, 2004.

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    Just curious how many DOs out there applied to allopathic programs following their internship year? In particular, which programs accepted DOs this year or showed considerable interest?

    Next year, I will be applying to allopathic and dually-accredited programs after completing a dually-accredited internship. It's going to be challenging to fit in time to interview at various programs.

    I know from reading other posts that you can always become the first DO in your EM residency program, but I'm curious which programs are currently quite interested in DO candidates.

    I am aware of the residency stats for DOs- very helpful!

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    Summa health in Akron accepted (atleast) one DO this year who is currently doing an internship of some sort.

    I know nothing else of it.

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