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    DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) class of 2023

    Hello, everyone! I have applied to five pharmacy schools in the area for Fall 2019 matriculation and I am interested to see how people are doing with interviews and acceptances. Is anyone on this forum in the same boat as me? Also, how often do you think someone is invited for an interview but...
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    Shenandoah University Class of 2023

    Everyone share your application status and if called for an interview , please share us your interview experience.
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    Wingate vs Shenandoah

    Considering applying early decision to one of these schools but cant really decide which one. i like the area around both schools and all the admission reps i have talked to from both have been really nice and helpful. Shenandoah is about 2 hours from my house while Wingate is about 6 i don't...
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    Shenandoah DPT Waitlist

    Hey guys! I recently interviewed with Shenandoah on December 15th and have been waitlisted. Figured I could start a thread for those who have been accepted (and what did you decide) or waitlisted (and what is your position). I am 85 out of 111 as of the moment I expressed interest for being on...
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    Has anyone heard from Radford, Shenandoah, or the University of Maryland?

    Hi everyone! I've applied to several DPT programs for the class of 2021. I know that Radford will be holding interviews on November 15th and 16th, and Shenandoah's are scheduled for December 14th and 15th. Has anyone been invited yet? Also, I haven't heard anything whatsoever from the...
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    Shenandoah bernard j dun SOP 2021

    Hey guys! So I'm making a new thread in hopes of finding future classmates! I will be attending Shenandoah's fairfax campus in the fall. Our Facebook group only has 4 students so far ao I'm hoping to find some more of you guys on here!
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    Decision on which pharmacy school to attend

    Hey guys, all answers are appreciated. I'm torn between Shenandoah (VA), Campbell (NC), and University of Charleston (WV). Share any info on which you would choose to better help me. (prestige, curriculum, naplex, etc). Thanks. Lastly, if you were in my shoes. Which would you pick & why?
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    Should I be freaking out yet or

    So I interviewed at Shenandoah on Friday the 18th. I knew they wouldn't get back to me until after Thanksgiving but it's been almost 2 weeks now. Normally I'd be more patient but I also interviewed at howard on saturday the 19th and got my acceptance the day before Thanksgiving. I have until...
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    DEPOSIT DEADLINE APPROACHING...haven't heard back from other school yet

    I need help deciding what to do! My deposit for Shenandoah is due on Thursday. I really liked the school and the area, but I don't know if it's my number one choice. I interviewed at LECOM last week and really like it there as well. The admission people at LECOM said they start sending out...
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    Campbell Acceptance

    Hey everyone! I was recently accepted for Campbell's DPT program! I interviewed on 9/30 and found out 3 days later, which was incredible. I'm just worried because the program starts in 3 months, and I still haven't heard back from anyone else yet. I applied to Elon, Duke, Shenandoah, Radford...
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    Has anyone heard from Shenandoah pharmacy yet?

    Decided I'd make a thread for Shenandoah. It's one of my top choices. So I submitted my application 8/15. It was verified 8/25 and I actually got a text from the admissions team 8/29. I know they have recieved my $30 fee as well. But has anybody heard back from them about an interview or anything?
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    Shenandoah University Pharmacy Class of 2021

    Decided I'd make a thread for Shenandoah. It's one of my top choices. So I submitted my application 8/15. It was verified 8/25 and I actually got a text from the admissions team 8/29. I know they have recieved my $30 fee as well. But has anybofy heard back from them about an interview or anything?
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    Shenandoah DPT Class of 2019

    Hey guys! Was wondering if anyone in the DPT SU class of 2019 has created a facebook page for us to get to know each other before class starts? And to help each other out with housing, the area, etc.? Maybe we could plan some socials to get to know each other before school starts
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    DPT/MAT Shenandoah University Dual Program

    So i'm currently a junior in college in the process of obtaining my bachelors in Biology. The program that I'm in is a PT-track program in which i will be applying to. With that said, i'm also very interested in Athletic Training--I noticed this practically my sophomore year of college...
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    Interview Advice

    Hey Guys! I'm going to my first interview at Shenandoah in a few weeks. Do you have any advice? Tips? I'm excited but pretty nervous since I'm going to be flying across the country for it. I know each school has its own way of running interviews but any advice is appreciated!
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    Shenandoah DPT interviews?

    Anyone get an email invitation for a DPT interview at Shenandoah yet?
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    Belmont DPT, UNC, VCU, ODU, Shenandoah, Elon, Arcadia Pros/Cons

    Hey everyone! I just applied to these schools and was wondering if any current students or alumni could give any insight on these programs? If you could go back and make a different decision, would you? Or would you recommend the program? Thanks!