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Drexel IMS success rate

Discussion in 'Postbaccalaureate Programs' started by twoandtwo, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. twoandtwo

    twoandtwo New Member

    Jun 12, 2006
    I'm seriously looking at doing the Drexel IMS program, mainly because the alledged med school entrance rate seems good (70% after 1-yr, 90% after 2, according to their admissions office). However, I'm curious to know from people who are more familiar with the program, what sorts of medical schools people have been accepted to after the program? And also, do the majority of people apply during the first year in the program, and go straight to med school in year 2?

    I'm not in a position to be the least bit picky, but geographically I'd rather be in or close to California due to family, etc. And I'm not naive, so I realize CA schools are in high demand. So, has anyone made it from a crappy GPA (3.0, but 33 on MCAT), to success in the IMS program, and then to CA for med school? (My dream..)

    Is hope still alive?

    Sorry, also as an adjunct question, from what I've been told and have read, IMS students watch lectures remotely or via the internet away from campus. Do the classes include labs as well? And if so, where are the labs done? I guess I'm wondering if there is any sort of interaction what-so-ever, and what would prevent someone from just doing the whole program (minus the tests obviously) from their house? (not that I think this is a good idea...I'm just curious)
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  3. Airzonk

    Airzonk Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Sep 16, 2003
    Most people apply in their first year of the program and go straight to medical school in year 2.

    I would say the majority of acceptances are to schools in the Northeast, East, Southeast and some Midwest. There is a high representation of D.O. schools but I think that comes from people in the second year of the program (if they choose to go on and had not had an acceptance) when they realize they may not be getting into an allopathic school.

    I think for you and the majority of the California students (there are many many CA students) getting back to CA is a pipe dream. I have seen people with 36-37 MCATS (Berkley grads) with modest GPA's not be able to make it back to CA. I think there are plenty of 4.0, 33+ MCATs and whatever your non-minority ethnicity may be to choose from in CA. I could be wrong though however in the two years I have been in the program not heard of anyone getting into any California state schools. Private and D.O. CA schools they do get into. This is not to say that no one will ever get into or hasn't gotten into a CA school from the Drexel program it's just very hard. Someone did have an interview to a CA state school from our program this year.

    You could probably live in California, do the program from your house and fly in for the tests. Ok I simplified this somewhat as there are small group sessions with the teachers from the medical school. You will have reviews with the actual teachers from the medical school. Additionally, Medicine and Society has an actual teacher and has mandatory attendance. They have moved away from actual labs with glass slides and have virtual labs (all the slides are on-line now), this is not specifically for IMS but for the medical school as well. You can go to the labs because the TA's are there and may be of help in identifying structures. There is a fair amount of interaction with the medical school faculty in the program.
  4. junos187

    junos187 Member 7+ Year Member

    Oct 23, 2005
    From what I heard from the person who interviewed me, as long as you maintain a 3.0GPA and 27+MCAT (not more than one section with an 8), then chances are you are admitted into Drexel Med or any other medical school after 1st year. I might go to Drexel unless I hear from EVMS which is more of a sure thing.
    I hope that helps.

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