drop worst year?


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Feb 11, 2004

    I did poorly in my first year of university. Just wondering if any schools in the states would drop the worst academic year under some circumstances. I know university of toronto drops the worst year if 4 years are completed.

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Jan 24, 2004
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      I think just as long as you keep a good academic standing in the other 3 years then you should be fine. They will most likely ignore the 1st year grades if they see your GPA increasing one year after another. During the interview, they may be curious and ask you to give an explanation for your 1st year result though.
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      Oct 5, 2003
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        Since you are a Canadian, I am unaware of possible answers for you. I had tried to do a similar thing here in US. I was aware an policy in my CC that stated two terms may be dropped from your calculated GPA if you should significant improvement in grade and have a significant hardship. I thought this was the solution to my GPA troubles, but find out that they can not erase your grades; they must remain on record, but are taking out of my CC GPA calculation. Also since, I did already repeat the course I royally screwed, the grades have been replaced and this process would not change a thing. Anyhow, even if I was able to do this process, it still would not help, because the grade remained on record and D-school will still use them to calculate my GPA.
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