EK 1001 Physics

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Jan 11, 2006
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I have been scoring between a 10-12 on the PS on the AAMCs. I have recently been using this book and I'm a bit worried. I often struggle with some of the questions in the book, and I'm wondering if my AAMC scores are giving me a false sense of security, or if the book is legitimately difficult.

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The questions are harder and more math based than the AAMC Q's I think. I like them because if you understand them then you should be able to handle whatever questions are on the real MCAT. It's better to be overprepared than underprepared!
Yes, the EK questions are more difficult than the real test. It is not necessary to work out all the EK questions. The AAMC test would like to focus fundermental questions with more tricky, I think.
Today I just finished the Ek1001 physics actually. And BOY oh Boy do I feel more confused and knowledgeable at the same time. It truly digs deep where it hurts, but everytime I finish a problem I feel more confident, however, there are certain topics which I am still confused on, i.e. optics, centripetal force, etc..