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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by relentless11, Aug 24, 2001.

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    Hi everyone, I am starting to have an interest in Emergency Medicine. Specifically Pediatric Emergency Medicine. At my school, they have a fellowship for it. From what i understand, i can be a Pediatrician, having gone through the 3 year residency for Peds; i can then do the fellowship?

    Or i can do the Emergency Medicine residency, and then do the fellowship? Is that right?

    If so what would be more beneficial? I enjoy Pediatrics, so thats why i sorta wanted to be a Pediatrician first. But then i volunteered in the Peds ER at my school, so....that threw everything out of whack..hehe. Loved it!

    Anyway, yea what do you guys think? Lastly, do any of you guys know if there are ER docs that do research, i may look into doing some research in that area. I would think they are very busy and won't have time to do research, but i could be wrong, as there seems to be a lot of "Assistant Professors" of Emergency Medicine running around the med center.
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    To be a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist, you can do four things:

    1. Peds residency, PEM fellowship
    2. EM residency, PEM fellowship
    3. EM and then Peds residency (or vice versa)
    4. Combined Peds/EM residency

    How you go about this depends on where your interests are. If you want to do Emerg and have an interest in kids, you may want to do the EM residency. If you just want to work with kids but in an ER setting, you may want to do the Peds residency. You must remember that PEM is a very narrow field and so you will be limiting yourself to major centers if you go the Peds residency route. If you go the EM residency route, you will have more opportunities because you can always work in Adult/Combined Emerg.

    As for research, EM is one of the best speciaties for research simply because, alot of docs only work 36 hours each week in the ER and have a lot of time left to do either administrative or research activities. Alot of docs start research early in their careers and fall back onto research full time when they get too old to handle the long night shifts and eratic schedules of emerg.

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