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Dec 13, 2001
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Whats your plan for the last two weeks?

I am at the point now where I dont really know how to study anymore. I will probably take aamc 7 the last weekend before the real deal. This week I am going to focus more on improving my Verbal (it has gone somewhat neglected) and clearing up loose ends in studying (like memorizing those stupid IR spectra).

The week leading up to the real deal I plan on taking fairly easy. Very little studying (except for a big test i have in one class) and lots of exercise and relaxation. As well as a healthy diet of salmon, fruits, and vegeatables.

I'd like to hear everyone elses ideas on what to do here near the end.


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Sep 6, 2002
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I will take my last practice test the Saturday before the real deal. From then, I will just review and do passages. The Friday before, I am not going to study at all. :)


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Feb 17, 2003
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I am going to do the same as UCLAstu. only on the 14th I have one last passage session at TPR.... Its getting close and I'm starting to get butterflies- but not in a bad way. I know some wont identify with this analofy, but It's kind of like the first game of a football session. We've been working out and drilling for so long, it's going to feel good to get under the lights.
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Apr 10, 2003
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I have a hard time seeing myself not studying Friday. I have always been the person to get my best studying in the night before the exam. I'm not talking about frantic, stressful studying. I'm talking about looking things over and relaxing.

Some people say that a night studying won't make much of a difference and they are probably right, but I think if I study I won't have to be worrying about whether or not I know the material. By studying, I can reassure myself that I know it. Also, I have always felt that I have done well in school because of a really good short term memory. Better to look over those NMR and IR specs the night before!

So as for the last week, I have an exam the tuesday before and after the mcat. Sucks quite a bit. But I plan on studying all the same.

Anyone else know where I am coming from?
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