Epidemiology PhD....do you need an Epi MPH?

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Aug 17, 2011
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It seems like many or most Epidemiology PhD's also have an MPH in the same concentration which makes sense. I am curious, can one get an MPH in a different concentration (Health Promotion or Community Health for ex) and still pursue an epi PhD?


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Yes, it would be possible. However, many PhD programs are going to want to see that you have research experience in epidemiology and that you have a strong area of focus. Will you be able to demonstrate both of these with an MPH in Health Promotion or Community Health? I think it's definitely possible, but it will require that you put in more effort.
If you have adequate training in epi and can demonstrate that in your application, then you should have no issue getting into a program.
I'm starting an MPH program this fall with a focus on Infectious Disease Management, Interventions, and Community Practice. After completion of that program, I plan to pursue a PhD or DrPH in Epidemiology with a concentration on Infectious Diseases. During my MPH program I am choosing all epidemiology courses for my 3 elective options (in addition to the the required epi course that all MPH students are required to take).

My advise would be take as many epi courses that you can fit into your schedule while studying health promotion/community health.... try your best to intertwine the two, rather that be through experience or courses.

Good luck!