Sep 21, 2017
Veterinary Student

Me and my husband are both foreign veterinary students, and we've been looking into equine hospitals with on-site housing in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey or Connecticut that accept foreign students, to have an experience in December of this year during our academic vacation. The reason for the specific choice of states is because I have family in New York, and we'd be able to borrow a car without extra costs (we'll already have to spend a lot of money to fly there).

I have considered universities like Tuft's, but housing is expensive and a previous visit to another university last year wasn't a particularly welcoming visit for us when it came to the resident students. We'd probably reconsider if there's any input of how they handle foreign visitors, so that's welcomed! I've also gotten in contact with a few hospitals that haven't worked out, but I'd like to see if there are any options or possibilities that I jumped over.

As mentioned earlier, all we're asking is to better get to know how equine practice works in the United States, how the daily life is and expand on our learning experience, but from what I've seen, not that many people are willing to accept. I want to be wrong, so any help would be greatly appreciated from anyone.

Thanks in advance!
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