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Jul 12, 2002
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Hi.I am an international medical graduate.I scored an 87 in step 1 and will be taking step 2 in november this year.I wanna make it to the 2003 match and wanna get a position in any general surgery residency.

Hypothetically speaking if I get an 87 in step 2 aswell then do you think I have a chance of getting in general surgery any where in America.
Scince being an international medical graduate I must only apply through ERAS.I just dont know how to fill in the choices of residency programmes in my application.SHall I chose just surgery programmes or is it always safer to chose some less competitive residencies too like pathology and anesthesia.I dont wanna lose the money I am paying for ERAS and end up withput getting any thing.How many residency programmes are advisable to be chosen?Where to get the list of all the residency programmes?How soon should I apply?
One most important question.Do I have to make all my choices of residency programmes at one time or can I keep on adding later?Can I change the choices and replace for example a surgery residency programme with a family medicine residency programme?
I will greatly appreciate if some one could awnser all my questions.


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Jan 29, 2002
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Ok, here goes, I'm going to try and clarify some points: You have excellent scores so far. You need to schedule the Toefl(english exam) and the CSA exam as soon as possible if you haven't all ready, as they are required for both the 2003 Match and ECFMG certification. All tests have to be completed by Match time in Feb.
Everyone goes through the ERAS system not just IMGs'. And you should have no problem getting a General Surgery residency, especially with such impressive scores. And Gen Surgery is not as competitive as it use to be, just pick your programs carefully, very carefully.

You should begin the process of the ERAS application now. I believe they started giving out tokens as of July 15th. Be sure and check each programs deadline before you apply so you don't miss their time frame.
You can always change your mind and add more programs, however once the programs has received your application you can not withdraw it. And you can of course apply to as many programs and specialities as you want.
Be sure and clear up any Visa problems you may have so you can go through the process. You will have to indicate on your application your visa status and any unusual concerns you should discuss doing the interview process with the Program Director.
Hope this helps.

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Apr 9, 2000
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Since you have posted this topic in the residency forum as well, I'll close the thread here (it is against SDN TOS to post the same thread in multiple forums).

I will add that General Surgery residency program deadlines are usually November 1, 2002 (with a couple as early as mid-October). Therefore, you must make sure that your applications are in BEFORE this time, including all documentation (and not before the ERAS deadlines).

best of luck to you.
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