Establishing residency in NC before next application cycle?

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May 17, 2023
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Hello everyone! I wanted to get some opinions if this is a feasible plan. I am applying to apply for the 2024-2025 cycle and was interested especially in NCSU as a NY resident due to their exotics program and cheaper tuition compared to my IS (Cornell and LIU). I was wondering if it was possible to move to North Carolina by this September in order to claim residency for the next application cycle and have a greater chance of admission due to being in state? I have some family living just outside of Raleigh and I could potentially move there by this September. Would this be putting too much eggs in one basket? Thank you in advance for your advice/opinion!

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People do that. It can be a good way to reduce the cost of your education. I’d recommend you do some Googling and see what NC’s requirements are to be considered a resident. In my state (which is not NC) you have to live and work “full time” in the state for 12 months prior to matriculation…just transferring for a year of college isn’t enough, you have to work like 35 hours a week. Only if my good friends from vet school took a gap year and did this successfully. I’d look at your stats compared to the in-state pool and really critically evaluate your chances before making a decision, but it can be smart if you’re competitive and know where you want to go.
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That is good to hear this can be done successfully! I'll definitely look into it and compare my stats to the in-state pool, I think NC's requirements are similar regarding working full time a minimum of 12 months. Thank you so much for the advice!
According to North Carolina State's website, it takes a single year to establish residency for tuition purposes, but it takes three years living there to qualify for admission preference as an in-state applicant. NC does allow you to gain residency for tuition purposes while in school though.