Oct 26, 2015
Hello all!

I am currently planning to apply to pharmacy school this Fall 2017 for Fall 2018 admittance.

Here are my stats:

Current GPA: 3.3
PCAT: This is my first ever important standardized test, I did not even take the SAT. I am scheduled to take it on September 8th.
Pre-reqs: I have finished almost all common pre-reqs except for physiology and biochemistry.
Volunteer: I am currently a volunteer in a hospital pharmacy and will have 100 hours at the time I submit my application.
Work Experience: I currently work as an in-home service nurse to an elderly woman. (frequent doctor visits and pharmacy visits). 25 hours a week for over a year. I also work as a server in a restaurant.
LOR: I have three strong letters.
1. Ochem I and II professor (same professor) earned A and B respectively
2. Ochem I and II lab professor (same professor) earned A in both. I would like to put this one on my application due to the fact that I had a very close relationship to this professor, and the letter really displays my personality.
3. Manager at my restaurant job (customer service) 3 year relationship. I worked my way up to assistant manager, this letter is also strong on work ethic.

Advise? Tips? Anything I can do to strengthen my app?
I am extremely scared for PCAT. I have high anxiety about taking this test. Even at the practice tests I do not do well because I am rushed and stressed.

Thank you in advance for reading!
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