1. S

    "Submit" button greyed out! help!

    Hello guys, I have finished every single section of AADSAS but for some reason, the Submit button is greyed out and can't be clicked! I have tried multiple browsers and computers. I contacted ADEA customer service and they said it's because my FAP fee waiver isn't finalized yet, but I find that...
  2. P

    Should I take a summer job as a phlebotomist?

    An urgent care in my hometown is in search of someone short term (2 month period) for a phlebotomy position. My home state doesn't require certification for phlebotomy, and the job description says no experience required and they provide training. I want clinical experience and I feel as if this...
  3. L

    Classifying extracurricular

    Hi, I am trying to figure out my hours, and where I need to improve my resume for applications. I worked in a Nurse Case Management office for about 6 months and wondered if this would count as paid clinical experience. I helped with all the clients and had direct contact with them, and was...
  4. M

    Re-Applicant Dental 2020

    Hi all, I'm currently applying for the new cycle but I'm confused at what to do. Because of COVID-19, all prometric test centers are closed. I'm not sure when I will be able to retake my DAT because of that. should I apply to the schools anyways or wait to submit until my new test scores are...
  5. dtugadawg

    Chances of admission

    home state Georgia UGA Junior: 3.91 GPA 3.97 non science and 3.86 Science , 515 MCAT Clinical Shadowing 100 Peds, 40 Ortho, 20 ENT Clinical Volunteering: 1 year: 3-4hours a week (60+ hours, but will continue this next year so around 110 or so on app) In addition, committee leader for large...

    Application advice

    Hello I haven't taken the DAT yet and graduated in 2018 w/ a Biochemistry degree. I calculated my cGPA and sGPA through AMCAS and AACOMAS. cGPA is 3.23 and sGPA is 3.2 or aacomas 3.16. Don't know if that has any bearing but I also had all As besides 1 B+ in my last 33 credits. Kind of undecided...
  7. T

    Bachelor degree mandatory?

    Hello, So I’m getting my pharmd this semester and thinking about applying to med school after. Most medical schools state that you need a bachelors degree and can apply with any major but I’m about to finish pharmacy school without a bachelors degree. I finished all the prereqs in 3 years and...
  8. haley1438

    Should I Consider a Masters? Or a retake?

    I’m currently freaking out because my DAT score is 19 and my GPA is 3.6, I’m not confident that I can get into dental school with that. Would it be worth my time to skip applying this cycle in May and do a masters or retake my DAT or should I chance it and apply anyways? I have a ton of...
  9. A

    Non traditional with low gpa - need advice on post bacc options

    Hey everyone! So I just graduated this May with a B.S in Computer Science from a state school. I've felt the calling towards medical school for as long as I can remember, however my parents pushed me to do CS. Right now I was able to land a job with a huge company as a software engineer with...
  10. 3

    Receiving a Recommendation Letter Before Applying

    Hello everyone. I was hoping to ask my gen chem 2 professor for a recommendation letter to a medical school but am uncertain how to do so because I am currently not in the application process. I took his class last spring semester and thought it would be best to get a recommendation letter now...
  11. B

    Please critique my school list along with my chances

    Hi, everyone. I am applying to med school this summer and I've already submitted my primary. It has been verified already thankfully but I am still working on my school list a little bit. I have submitted 12 schools so far. I am still deciding on the last 8. My goal is to create a balanced list...
  12. R

    URM, 520, downward trend, 3.6c, 3.5s

    Hi Posting for a friend applying 2020- AA male NYC 3.60 cumulative gpa 3.50 science gpa 520 MCAT STRONG research STRONG leadership GOOD letters of rec OK clinical & nonclinical experience Yearly Trend: 3.9 - 3.9 - 3.4 - 3.2 1. Would you recommend an additional semester to raise gpa to show at...
  13. pnisarg50

    Am I doing enough?

    I am currently about to enter my Junior Year of college and am taking the MCAT January. I was reviewing my resume and wanted to make sure that I had what was necessary for a strong application for Medical Schools. My GPA is a 3.97 so I am more concerned with extracurriculars. -I have been doing...
  14. A


  15. B

    Volunteering hours

    Hello, I am a dental student and want to be a volunteer abroad! When I am done with the volunteering, how can I recieve the volunteering hours and sign them to the application profile ??
  16. K

    How will my GPA from a previous college affect my application?

    I posted about this previously but have a few more specific questions. I'm currently in a PharmD program, finished my premed minor, and currently have a cumulative GPA of 3.94. I had a hard time transitioning from high school to college and end up at a state college with no major for a total of...
  17. B

    Better profile

    Hello. What I have to do to make my profile better and with bigger chances to accept me for the application to the dental schools for international dentists in USA ? Thanks
  18. K

    Basic science research vs clincal research for med school applicants

    Long story short I am a current 4th year student in a 0 to 6 PharmD program. I completed a premed minor last year, and after much deliberation (see my previous posts if curious), I have decided to pursue medical school following graduation. I am currently in the honors program and must decided...
  19. Q

    MD School List (CA-Res, 518, 3.60, URM)

    Hey all, I'm trying to think strategically about my school list for the upcoming cycle. I am trying to cut down and see if there are other schools I am forgetting. Any help you have regarding this would be helpful. I am stealing the formatting from reddit to help organize my stats. Year in...
  20. D

    DAT Retake?

    Hey everyone, I know oftentimes it is more helpful to reach out to admission officers at individual schools regarding the question to retake the DAT or not, but I was just curious if anyone had any feedback on my current situation. I plan on applying June 2019. The part that bugs me the most...
  21. G

    Organization in the Personal Statement?

    I'm applying next cycle, but writing a personal statement now to submit as an assignment in a course I am currently taking in undergrad. My intro focuses on one moment that initiated my interest in medicine, and then I was going to choose three most memorable experiences (pretty much two...
  22. J

    MD & DO About to finish school with a 3.55 sGPA and a 3.64 cGPA and a 512

    Hi all, I'm about to finish undergrad in a forensic science major. I will have a 3.55 science GPA and a 3.64 GPA (3.78 non-science). I have an MCAT of 512 after retaking with an even 128 in all categories. I'd like advice on how to bolster my application or an honest opinion of where I stand on...
  23. K

    Non-Traditional Medical School Applicant Question

    I am currently completing my PharmD and plan on applying to medical school next year. Since the PharmD curriculum does not include all of required courses for medical school eligibility, I was told by my advisor that I would need to complete a pre-medical minor in order to meet the necessary...
  24. I

    Should I retake the MCAT?

    I took the MCAT back in Sept 1 and got 515 (130/128/129/128). I am considering if I should retake in February/March before I apply. GPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.64 My EC by the time I apply in May will be: Undergrad research 512 hours no pubs Research Assistant 336 hours >= 2 pubs (2 pubs confirmed...
  25. tiffughknee

    USFMCOM Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS) graduate-AMA

    Hey all! I recently completed this selective graduate program at USF. Like, since they stopped their conditional acceptance. If you think you may be interested, or even if you're not, but you have questions, feel free to ask away. There are numerous things I wish I had known before dedicating so...
  26. S

    Dental Interview after December

    I recently received an invitation to interview. My first one.. Yahoo !! However, when I went schedule the interview, the only openings were Jan 3&4. FYI... GPA is 3.41 DAT 20 PAT 19 First question... Is that a problem for admission sine it is after DEC ? Does it diminish my chances...
  27. B


    I am applying for the upcoming cycle and I just started Job shadowing an OT two months ago and have only shadowed her 3 times. I have been working on building a professional relationship with her. When is the right time to ask her for a recommendation? Any suggestions on how I should bring up...
  28. A

    HIGH GPA but somewhat average OAT scores?

    Hi all! I took the OAT yesterday and safe to say, I am somewhat disappointed in my results... Biology: 290 Gen Chem: 280 Organic Chem: 340 Reading Comp: 310 Physics: 250 QR: 370 Total Sciences: 280 AA: 310 I took 4 practice exams with Princeton Review's OAT CRACKER and scored much higher in...
  29. O

    sending application before taking the OAT

    Hi all, I will be finishing my application form at OptomCAS by the end of this month except for the OAT, which is due on October 15th. I was wondering if i could send the application to schools before I take the OAT, so they could start looking into my application, or do schools want the...
  30. J8J8J85

    Entering medical research

    I'm a medical school graduate with no background in medical research. I had no clinical research training in medical school. I want to start a research career. I would like to explain some points about my background which , I think , might put me in some advantage when applying for some...
  31. KiddCo

    What Holes to Fix before Applying?

    I graduated back in 2013 with a double major in Biology and Neuroscience. BCPM: 3.50 Cumulative: 3.65 I decided I wanted to take a few years off before going into medical school. I wanted to try working in a lab and experiencing the work force as a non doctor. I ended up working in a large...
  32. S

    Co-first author on a paper, can you switch order on CV and ERAS?

    If you co-first author a paper, but the journal lists your name second on the official publication despite indicating co-author status, is it ethical to switch the order of their listing to put your name first on your CV or ERAS application? Of course, I would still indicate co-first author...
  33. Dr.Narcos

    Application process DO

    So I was AACOMA was verified June 2 and sent my AACOMAS apps to about 25 DO schools. and 8 MD I received many secondaries and sent them back very quickly. The first one I submitted was around july 3 or 4th. I have received many emails saying that my application is under review but nothing...
  34. D

    Official 2018-2019 Allergy/Immunology Fellowship Application Cycle

    Post here everything Allergy and Immunology related. Let the fellowship season be informative. Good luck!
  35. E

    When to apply?

    So I know that for medical school its advantageous to apply very early in the cycle, almost immediately after the application opens. Is this the same for DPT programs? Should I be trying to apply as soon after July 5th as possible? Thank you!
  36. Fishy fish

    Is it worth applying?

    I have a 509 (127/124/127/131) MCAT with a competitive GPA. I am working on solidifying my school list and was wondering...Is it worth applying to schools with a 125 CARS as their 10th percentile? I don't want to be throwing money away obviously if they won't consider my application bc of my 124...
  37. G

    shadowing question

    Hi, I am wondering how much shadowing an ophthalmologist would help my application for medical school?
  38. P


    Hey!. I am an undergrad student and my overall gpa is 3.40 and my science gpa is 3.20 and I want to apply for Nova Southeastern for the Pharm D prgram and they ask for a specific gpa of 2.0 science and math . I was wondering if its' math and biology together or they want 2.0 in math and 2.0 in...
  39. Mickey.Mouse

    How to approach and what classes to take on a DIY PostBacc?

    Hello everyone, I graduated from FDU with a BS/MS in 2016 with a combined GPA of 3.05. I've manually calculated my uGPA as 2.98 and my gGPA as 3.24, however, I might've done it wrong. I will recalculate it. Took my MCAT in 2017 with little to no preparation and scored a 488. I know that with...