1. tricitareirei

    Homeschooling child during COVID in Work & Activities section of AAMCAS?

    For the Work and activities section of the application, one category for an entry is teaching experience. During COVID lockdown, I homeschooled my autistic and ADHD son for 1st grade. I was also finishing my undergrad and working. This was a very meaningful and difficult experience for me with a...
  2. D

    No interviews yet, do i have a chance?!!

    Hey everyone! I applied in middle of August to 12 schools and only heard back from one school rest still says recieved/under review. I know I applied a bit late but i am seeing people getting interviews who applied in august and i feel like schools have tossed my application in 'unsure' pile. Do...
  3. B

    Volunteering projected hours advise

    Hey everyone, I am pretty much finished with writing all my primary essays and activities with all my transcripts sent so I can get verified early. The only problem I have is what to do with my projected volunteer hours. I have finished all my training and certifications to be a firefighter and...
  4. M

    WAMC: Should I apply this cycle vs. next cycle? PRE-MED

    Hi, I have a quick inquiry. I'm struggling with identifying if I should apply this cycle or next cycle due to my MCAT score. I'd appreciate some feedback. Since everything in life is conditional and varies per person a quick summary: I am scheduled for an April 28th test date; however, I am...
  5. F

    UNC DPT 2022 Application Cycle

    Just saw there wasn’t a thread for 2022 UNC DPT Application Cycle. I submitted my application the last week of August. Has anyone heard back from them regarding the status of your application or received an interview offer yet?
  6. Faerose

    Master's Program Email after AMCAS

    One of the medical schools I applied to sent me an email about their Master's Program. Should I be worried?
  7. Osono

    Extracurricular + Hobby

    Hello, I have been playing the flute since I was around 10 years old. While in college I was in the wind ensemble for all 4 years. I wanted to list these things as two separate activities- one being the 4 year period in the wind ensemble as an extracurricular, and the other being my 10+ year...
  8. P

    Should I list a high school research experience when applying MD/PhD?

    I've gotten very mixed advice on this and wanted some more opinions. Between my Junior and Senior years of high school I got a paid research internship at a pharmacology lab at the university I eventually attended. The internship lasted 8 weeks and I accumulated about 300 hours on the project...
  9. sailboatgorilla

    LOR Question

    Hi all! I have a question regarding a LOR. For some background: I started working as a medical scribe for a very well-known physician in my *rural* college town community. They had one shift a week that needed filled, and so I did and have loved it! I am planning to work more than that for the...
  10. J

    Pros and cons of UF LSU Arizona and (just for fun) Cornell

    Hey all! So I haven’t even applied yet but I just want to hear more about schools. I’m applying to UF LSU Arizona and for ****s and giggles I’m applying to Cornell (though I 100% will never get in) I just want to hear from people the pros and cons of each school if you go to or went to any of them.
  11. D

    SPEP Collegiate II Texas A&M / TAMU Dentistry 2022-2023

    Hey everyone! I see there's no thread for this year's SPEP Program so I made one!
  12. F

    How to have time for all extracurriculars?

    Just finished first semester as a sophomore, I know I didn't get started as quickly as I should've, but I'm gonna start research in a couple weeks, apart from that I've just maintained a 4.0 gpa without any other extracurriculars. I don't want to take a lot of gap years, I would be fine applying...
  13. G

    How to ask for LORs during COVID-19?

    Hi everyone, as the title may suggest I was wondering if anyone could advise on how to ask for letters during the ongoing pandemic. Prepandemic, the ideal situation was to sit down with your writer and hand over a resume/CV. Is this still advised when asking professors from undergrad for a...
  14. T

    Postbac GPA

    Hi, I was wondering if my postbac GPA will be weighted more heavily than my undergrad GPA? I was a non-science major, the only science course I took being a Bio course over 10 years ago. My BCPM postbac is 3.46, cumulative postbac is 3.51 (I took some psych and public health courses). Will this...
  15. B

    MD places to improve

    Hello! My family is not supportive of medical school and is pushing hard for me to stay home and help take care of the family business. They aren't supporting me financially in applying to medical school, so I've been saving up and I am deciding to apply this upcoming cycle. Ideally, I would...
  16. M

    General Admissions & OTCAS Occupational Therapy 2021-2022 cycle graduate school application

    Hey everyone! I'm starting OT school in the fall and wanted to make a thread so that you guys can discuss the application process together and can all follow each other's progress during this process, ask questions, and support each other along the way! I saw a thread with this same idea a few...
  17. C


    As the title suggests, I would like some advice/help on generating an allopathic school list. I just got my MCAT score back and it's not what I expected, I need a new game plan. My goal is to get into med school this cycle, looking to add allopathic schools that look at applicants *holistically*...
  18. R

    D.O. Schools number of letters of evaluation?

    Hello everyone, I've been doing some research about the AACOMAS process and I would appreciate some clarification about LORs. I know different schools have different requirements for letters but it seems like 1 DO, 2 science, 1 nonscience letter should cover all of my bases. I also would...
  19. J

    BCPM Classification

    Hi all, I want to start off by saying BCPM classification is not easy to determine with many classes. I am looking to take some extra courses to boost my BCPM gpa before I apply next spring and I came across a course that I found looked interesting and I wanted to see if it might classify as...
  20. andrewkleypas

    Application advice

    Howdy y'all, I am currently an undergraduate senior at Texas A&M University. I am applying to dental school this semester. I have been working on my application for a while now and I am very close to being done. I am worried that I might not make it into dental school on my first try, thats...
  21. ayed22

    Is the ADAT necessary for Endo?

    I'm a current D3 planning on applying this coming cycle. All of the schools I plan on applying to have it listed as "optional" so I am contemplating whether or not I should take it. How big of a role do you think the ADAT plays? What are your thoughts on taking it versus not taking it?
  22. missssyasi

    Anyone else being ghosted?

    Hi guys, I applied this cycle to 18 schools and only heard back from 3. Is anyone else having the same problem? By this point last cycle I had heard back from most places :nailbiting:
  23. Alessandra20

    Pharmacy school advice!

    Hello :) I’m currently a junior at my university pursuing pharmacy hopefully and i’ve been really stressed. My two schools i am aiming for have removed the obligation for a PCAT score for 2021 applicants (Wayne State University and University of Michigan) i have a 3.5 gpa score as of right now...
  24. ScrubswithnoSleeves

    Application Horror Stories

    Here is a thread to vent your application horror stories and potentially help other applicants avoid situations you fell victim to. I will start with the awful event that inspired me to start this thread: I received an email today that my application was withdrawn from one of my top choice...
  25. B


  26. D

    If you're a foreign trained dentist and looking for residency

    Hey guys, interview season's about to come and I guess many of you who're not CODA graduates must be thinking of the same question that I had when I was applying - Does graduating from a foreign dental school mean that it's impossible for me to get into a residency? Hell no! And I'm saying that...
  27. M

    Looking for Personal Statement Help!

    Hello, I'm currently struggling to write my personal statement, as I'm sure many pre-MD students are, and was hoping for some feedback on my rough draft. Writing isn't my strong suit and I welcome any advice! Thank you and best of luck to everyone in the same position! :)
  28. SharecareAlex

    Free (Giving away) Sharecare YOU - medically-accurate software with a free demo

    Hi, We are the development team of a just-released, medically-accurate software application with 3D, living, breathing organs that you can explore, dissect and in some cases, even fly through. We would like you to try our free demo version that is a sneak peek at the full version of Sharecare...
  29. SharecareAlex

    Test Tools Sharecare YOU - medically-accurate software with a free demo

    Hi, We are the development team of a just-released, medically-accurate software application with 3D, living, breathing organs that you can explore, dissect and in some cases, even fly through. We would like you to try our free demo version that is a sneak peek at the full version of Sharecare...
  30. Ramona Flowers

    Should I acknowledge a "C" grade in the optional comments secondary essays?

    Hi there, I am working through secondaries right now and am curious about other perspectives on whether to acknowledge or not acknowledge C grades? I have already submitted one essay from a school that specifically asked to comment on any STEM grades below a "B" so I feel like I have a good...
  31. Habibiz

    "Submit" button greyed out! help!

    Hello guys, I have finished every single section of AADSAS but for some reason, the Submit button is greyed out and can't be clicked! I have tried multiple browsers and computers. I contacted ADEA customer service and they said it's because my FAP fee waiver isn't finalized yet, but I find that...
  32. P

    Should I take a summer job as a phlebotomist?

    An urgent care in my hometown is in search of someone short term (2 month period) for a phlebotomy position. My home state doesn't require certification for phlebotomy, and the job description says no experience required and they provide training. I want clinical experience and I feel as if this...
  33. C

    Classifying extracurricular

    Hi, I am trying to figure out my hours, and where I need to improve my resume for applications. I worked in a Nurse Case Management office for about 6 months and wondered if this would count as paid clinical experience. I helped with all the clients and had direct contact with them, and was...
  34. missssyasi

    Re-Applicant Dental 2020

    Hi all, I'm currently applying for the new cycle but I'm confused at what to do. Because of COVID-19, all prometric test centers are closed. I'm not sure when I will be able to retake my DAT because of that. should I apply to the schools anyways or wait to submit until my new test scores are...
  35. dtugadawg

    Chances of admission

    home state Georgia UGA Junior: 3.91 GPA 3.97 non science and 3.86 Science , 515 MCAT Clinical Shadowing 100 Peds, 40 Ortho, 20 ENT Clinical Volunteering: 1 year: 3-4hours a week (60+ hours, but will continue this next year so around 110 or so on app) In addition, committee leader for large...


  37. T

    Bachelor degree mandatory?

    Hello, So I’m getting my pharmd this semester and thinking about applying to med school after. Most medical schools state that you need a bachelors degree and can apply with any major but I’m about to finish pharmacy school without a bachelors degree. I finished all the prereqs in 3 years and...
  38. haley1438

    Should I Consider a Masters? Or a retake?

    I’m currently freaking out because my DAT score is 19 and my GPA is 3.6, I’m not confident that I can get into dental school with that. Would it be worth my time to skip applying this cycle in May and do a masters or retake my DAT or should I chance it and apply anyways? I have a ton of...
  39. A

    Non traditional with low gpa - need advice on post bacc options

    Hey everyone! So I just graduated this May with a B.S in Computer Science from a state school. I've felt the calling towards medical school for as long as I can remember, however my parents pushed me to do CS. Right now I was able to land a job with a huge company as a software engineer with...
  40. 3

    Receiving a Recommendation Letter Before Applying

    Hello everyone. I was hoping to ask my gen chem 2 professor for a recommendation letter to a medical school but am uncertain how to do so because I am currently not in the application process. I took his class last spring semester and thought it would be best to get a recommendation letter now...