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Aug 30, 2017
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Hello Cornea/Refractive surgery applicants! Please feel free to PM me with any questions.

I want to take a moment to tell you all about an amazing 1-year anterior segment and refractive surgery fellowship opportunity based out of Cleveland, OH. Cleveland Eye Clinic and Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center is accepting applications on SFMatch starting this July 2017 and will continue accepting one fellow per year. I am the current fellow and was on the interview trail for Cornea last year. I was hesitant at first to take a spot outside the match, but at this point, I believe this is the best fellowship in the country.

Dr Bill Wiley and Dr Shamik Bafna (Cornea) are both renowned in Refractive surgery. You will work with both closely but also they set you up with the fund of knowledge necessary to have and run your own private practice in the future.

I am basically in the OR ~3x a week and we do Refractive LASIK/SMILE/PRK procedures about ~3x a week. So far in my first 2 months I have done over 50 refractive cataract procedures, 50 full LASIK/PRK cases, ECPs, ICLs, Intacs, iStents, and I am set up to do a wet lab for corneal inlays. I anticipate about 1000 cases as primary surgeon by the end of the fellowship.

The clinics are incredibly efficient due to a great EMR and fantastic support staff (I have a personal scribe). There are opportunities to teach residents at Case Western University and the local VA Hospitals.

This fellowship is a "hybrid" fellowship that is not associated with a medical school or academic institution. Research opportunities are abundant and the attendings are incredibly active in literature and societies.

We are at the forefront of refractive technology, being the first practice in the state of Ohio to start doing the SMILE, KAMRA, and Raindrop procedures. We have over 5 clinical trials currently operating, including, corneal inlays, Corneal Cross Linking, dry eye and presbyopic therapies. We have 6 total refractive laser in 1 setting! We treat many routine and complex anterior segment pathology with a variety or lasers and MIGS procedures. This fellowship is designed to train the next future leader in the field.

PM me with any questions.
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