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    Fellowship Application and Specific Interests

    Hello, I have a question about specifying interests in oncology on fellowship application. My research background in undergrad/medical school/residency has had been varied with clinical malignant heme, basic and clinical solid tumor, and translational immunotherapy research. My goal is a strong...
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    USC Nephrology Fellowship FYI/Questions to Ask on Your Interviews

    Hello anyone interested in nephrology fellowship. Welcome! The objective of this thread is to give a real insight into program so if you do consider it you know what you are getting. Also to provide you with the types of questions I wish I knew to ask on my fellowship interviews. USC: Pros...
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    Rheumtalogy fellowship 2021

    Hi Guys, I am a Canadian IMG, on a J1 visa, in my second year of residency in a community IM program with close university affiliation. My stats are Step 1/2/3 scores: 249/260/227, two chapters in a leading medical textbook/a case report submitted/one research project underway (may or may not...
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    PM&R Pain Fellowship Application - 2020-2021 Interview Season

    I know it's early, but was trying to get a thread going about PM&R residents/physicians trying to apply for a pain fellowship this winter, with the ultimate goal of starting their fellowships July 2021. Anyone have up to date information regarding programs, specifically work loads, call...
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    SURF program at University of Cincinnati

    Has anyone done a SURF program at University of Cincinnati or Cincinnati's Children's Hospital? I am curious to know if it is competitive and what are my stakes if I already mentioned in my application that I have a researcher that will commit to being my mentor over the summer. I really want...
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    Post residency fellowships in dermatology

    This thread has been deleted
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    Glaucoma Fellowship Application (apply 2018, start 2019)

    Anyone else out there applying to glaucoma fellowship? I thought I would start a thread. It is hard to know a ton about each program so if anyone has anything to add/share please do! Bascom Palmer Palm Beach (email 9/7) Interview Date: Nov 9 Boston (email 8/25) Interview Dates Sept 29, Oct 20...
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    PICU Match 2019

    Here we go...first!
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    Anesthesiology Fellowship Match Factors

    As an incoming PGY-1 anesthesiology resident, I'm interested to know what are the main factors in getting into a fellowship? Program connections? Letters? Research? Residency program prestige? I'm interested in pediatric or CT anesthesia at this point. It's early in the game, I know, but I'm...
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    Medical Insider Medical Admissions Services for Fellowship Applicants

    Dr. Finkel, the founder of Insider Medical Admissions, has incomparable experience. She is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Medical School. On completing her residency at Harvard, she was asked to stay on as faculty at Harvard Medical School and spent five years teaching at the...
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    Position Wanted Looking for unfilled positions, residency or fellowships in internal medicine

    Hello, -I,m looking for any opening, unfilled position in Internal Medicine Residency or fellowship Program. -I,m an ECFMG Certified IMG. Done with Step1,2 & CS, all first attempts, 233, 215 and pass, -US Clinical Experience including hands on externships -US research Experience (more than...
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    Exciting new Fellowship opportunity for Anterior Segment Cornea/Refractive Applicants

    Hello Cornea/Refractive surgery applicants! Please feel free to PM me with any questions. I want to take a moment to tell you all about an amazing 1-year anterior segment and refractive surgery fellowship opportunity based out of Cleveland, OH. Cleveland Eye Clinic and Clear Choice Custom LASIK...
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    ***2017 Colorectal Fellowship Interview Thread

    Anyone else applying this cycle? Haven't been able to find any recent posts here or groups on Facebook.
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    Official 2017-2018 Nephrology Fellowship Application Cycle

    Here it is .... it is OFFICIAL!