Expiration of my Authorization to Test (seeking facts about the timing requirements)

Michelle Reynolds

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May 27, 2018
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Given the delay in testing availability (The earliest test date available is two months after I start my new job) and the fact that I do not need/am in no rush to obtain a license for my career as a marketing consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, I have a question regarding the timing requirements to sit for my NAPLEX. I’m NOT asking for opinions on when I SHOULD take it. My question is a logistical/hypothetical question regarding a situation where I CAN'T take it. (My job is a unique global consulting role and requires me to travel internationally almost full time)

I’m interested to know how long before my intern hours/completion of my degree effectively “expires”? I know the board of pharmacy will hold on to my current application for a year or so depending on the state, but once that expires, if I decide to leave pharma and/or would like to obtain my license in say...five years or so, would I be eligible to start the license application process to sit for NAPLEX all over again? Or is it a “now or never“ situation and I’d have to go back to school to re-obtain the intern hours from P4 year?

Of course it would be more ideal to take the exam now before I forget the information, but that might not be practical for me, so I’m trying to prepare for all possible scenarios - so please don't suggest that "I just get it over with". It is not an option. Specifically considering Idaho as there is no law exam.

Does anyone know what the rule book says about timing when applying to take the exam several years after school? If not, where could I find that information?

Thanks in advance for your insight!
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