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Sep 20, 2016
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Hi everyone,
I know some people have threads on the rotation, but I am seriously interested in the industry and having this rotation would help my chances of a fellowship a loooottt. So, if anyone has been accepted and would have advice on the essay, please message me!!! I would greatly appreciate it.

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I did not apply to the FDA rotation, but my advice would be (at the minimum):

(1) Provide a brief background about yourself
(2) Clearly state why you are interested in this rotation
(3) Provide relevant experiences that would indicate you are a good candidate

To further improve on your cover letter, I would recommend reading this short article from Harvard Business Review (How to Write a Cover Letter)

Having written many cover letters as a pharmacy student and also reviewed many cover letters for my fellowship program, I would encourage you to have someone else (e.g. close friends, relatives, mentors in the pharma industry, etc.) review and proofread your letter before submitting it. Their perspective, especially if they have experience hiring others, can be very valuable.
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I second what Pharmetric said.

The flow of my letter follows the three things Pharmetric wrote. I also pulled in the objectives they posted for the department that I wanted the most (Clinical Pharmacology). I also had the advantage that I already have some clinical trials experience and emphasized that. But if you don't have any experience, pull what you think is the most relevant and applicable to the department you want.