Feeling Stuck

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Mar 7, 2017
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My whole life I have wanted to become a doctor. It's been my lifelong goal, my family knows it's what I want to become, and I've never even considered anything different. The thing is now I kind of am.

I took a gap year between high school and college (didn't do anything meaningful there, just wanted a break and a chance to spend quality time with family and friends before moving away), decided to go to CC first (graduated in 2 years but decided to take another gap year and did some volunteering, though not really a huge amount), and now I'm currently in my 3rd year at university. Hopefully, I have one more year to go. So, that's like 7 years in total if all goes well from this point on. I will be 27 when I graduate!! My gpa is around a 3.0, I've made average grades (I failed one class but retook it and got a C, not science related. My grades are basically B's and C's), haven't done many extra curricular activities other than some clubs and a few hours of volunteering here and there. I know med school at this point is a long shot and would depend on MCAT and how I do from this point on. I still haven't shadowed, still no research, nothing special about me. It's disappointing. I love medicine and can actually hold a long conversation about anything medically related, it's just math kills me and I can't get passed the B-C average on anything chem.

Because of this, I've recently started looking at other options (I feel shook up as I write this because this is the first time I'm getting it out and admitting it, even to myself). It kills me to "give up" on my lifelong med school dream, but at this point honestly I feel so much pressure lifted off my shoulders. I've been looking into others things, Physician Assistant, Medical Dosimetry, CRNA, and even Audiology. I don't feel like I personally would go the CRNA route, but I did read about it. My question is, does anyone know anything about these jobs? What are they like? Do you think they will still be pretty cool, since they are still medically related careers? How do I break the news to family? How do I explain to them when they ask me when I'm starting med school that I've chosen something else? I feel stuck. I still plan on continuing my "pre-med status" even if I don't end up going to med school. Part of me wants to let it go and move on to something that will take me less time to complete (If I do graduate at 27 and start med school right away, I'll finish at 32. Then residency and all of that.....I want to start a family when I finish all my schooling and am in a stable spot. If I go to med school people are going to think my kids are my grandkids! *Insert sarcasm here*) and less money too. Anyways, I'm just confused. And sad, I've never felt like this before and just a few months ago I was SO motivated to make it to med school I was planning everything out and all.

I guess this post is a question/vent. Sorry for the length if you read up to this point :)