Fellowship at Transfusion or Molecular?

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Oct 14, 2012
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Hello people.
I have a question for you guys.
I am a PGY-2 CP-only resident. I interviewed at two institutions for fellowship training and both places offered me the position. One is a ivy league university's blood bank & transfusion medicine program and the other one is a molecular genetic pathology program at a well-known university. I appreciate your opinion.
Thank you...

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Just my opinion but i would go BB/Transfusion. The molecular genetic stuff could mean you could be readily replaced by a cheaper PhD
CP only = life long regret...
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Your decision rests on many more factors than anyone on this board can account for. If all you really want to know is which fellowship will put you in a better position for a good job at the end of the year, then that still is dependent on a whole set of factors that, in my opinion, no one on this board can really predict well. If you are wanting to know which of these choices is most likely to lead to a long-term career in the given subspecialty, then my vote is for BB/TM over molecular.
Molecular !

Hands down
Talk to someone in the field about the PHD concern. I don't see any reports under a PHD.
In some regions of the country, hematologists run infusion centers and do apheresis procedures. However, I think that blood bankers do these in most parts of the country. Being able to do a physical exam and collect an H&P is important in transfusion medicine and are things that you, as an MD, have a unique qualification. Additionally, TM requires a lot of test interpretation and integration into the clinical picture. If you're CP only, I would do TM. A lot of TM is going the way of molecular testing, so it wouldn't kill you either to do molecular first and then, if you need a second fellowship, TM. If you have the strength of character to complete two fellowships and don't mind moving a few extra times, option #2 may be better in the long run.
Thanks folks. Nice suggestions. I will go with TM as the most people have advised. I don't mind doing two fellowships so will try to negotiate with the molecular PD for the year after.
These are so different- do the one you will enjoy most. Also, the advantage of TM is that there is a bigger market for your skills. IMHO you are handicapped in molecular without AP training as I envision it will be practiced in the future (at least in oncology).