Fellowship - Geographic Preference

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Question for fellowship applicants who aren't committed to staying in a specific region: How do you guys plan to answer the geographic preference question? My worry is that programs will rank applicants higher if they prefer their region. Thoughts?

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"For me the institution being the right fit is more important than geography, and I think your program is the right fit for me for XYZ reasons..."
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I think it also depends on your subspecialty. Many can’t afford to be choosy as they aren’t filling LOL
I don't have a great suggestion for talking about geographic preferences, but I will say my program cares a lot about ties to the area and will very heavily weigh that when considering applicants. So if you have a personal tie to an area (like family, lived there previously, spouse's job, etc.) then definitely mention that in your application for that specific program(s), at least, as it definitely won't hurt.