fellowship questions

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Oct 6, 2003
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It appears that most people talk about Cytopathology, or Derm path fellowships. Are these the ones that are always talked about because they make the most money, or because they make you marketable after you finish? If you want to do derm path, are you also competeing with Dermatology residents who want to do the fellowship? And finally, can anyone give any insight into Hematopathology, and selective pathology?



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Aug 15, 2003
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A cytopath fellowship makes you more marketable for a private practice job. Would you hire someone who could sign out just surg path, or sign out surg path and cytology? Dermpath is not quite the same, as lots of people finishing dermpath fellowships end up practicing only (or mostly) dermpath, because of specimen volume. And you do often have to cpmete with derm residents for spots, although I am not sure if some programs save spots for one or the other. Almost every fellowship you do will increase your marketability though.

Hemepath is different because it's usually a 2 year fellowship. Not sure what your questions are about this are.

Selective pathology, I am not sure what exactly you are referring to. I know some programs offer a flexible fellowship where you can spend time in general surg path and in other specialized areas within it.