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Mar 9, 2016
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1. If you apply to college and your advisor already sends in your transcripts and testing scores, is there a way to give the school an update on your SAT score if you took it again? I did fairly well the first time I took it, but I want to take it again in December. I didn't study the first time so I know I could do much better if I actually did study.

2. In regards to schools who do rolling admission, does this mean even if you apply on the deadline or shortly before, then there's a possibility they won't even look at your application due to seats being full?

3. And lastly, if a school does not do rolling admission, does that mean it's better to apply shortly before the deadline to have a few more quarters from senior year on your transcript? Thanks in advance

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Dec 3, 2015
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I am going through the college admission process so my answers may not be 100% accurate...

1. I think you can just list the code for your school when you sign up to take the SAT in December and your scores will automatically be sent to your school.
2. Your chances of getting in (if you apply later for rolling admission) is decreased (so you should apply somewhat early).
3. If they do not do rolling, they either have early action, early decision, or regular decision.