[Final Clinical Year] Study Abroad in Europe

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Oct 29, 2016
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Good Evening,

I'm in my 4th year (full general clinical year : equine,farm,small animals) of vet school in France (Maisons-Alfort) and I was wondering what the community would be suggesting to replace a local 5th year (full clinical in small animal) with an spent-abroad 5th year.

As I only speak German and English I have considered the following possibilities :
- England (Cambridge, Dick, Royal College, Bristol ... )
- Switzerland (Zurich)
- Austria (Vienna)

The thing, as it is a clinical year, it doesn't seem to be considered as erasmus or exchange programs. For that reason, I really'd like to get in touch with people who did such a thing and who could share their experience.

I guess the welcoming university would have to be flexible enough to accept the required amount of time I need to spent in each rotation in order to validate my rotation in France.

Any help, ideas, or thoughts on that matter would be appreciated.